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March 23, 2019

Jim Furyk

Palm Harbor, Florida

Q. Our analyst Dennis Paulson said you had no chance out of the right hand rough to get that ball close at 18, yet you stick it to about a foot and you get it in at 5-under par. Anything to say to Dennis?
JIM FURYK: He was mostly right. That was, from the middle of the fairway to hit a shot inside five, six feet on that hole is very difficult. From the rough it's very fortunate. So I was trying to put that ball up there on the green or just to the right of it, if it rolls off that back left, and give myself an opportunity for four and get out of there. Halfway there I hit, the shot came off perfect, the wind kind of stood it up, I really felt like it had a chance to be close, but I'm still kind of scratching my head trying to figure out how it got there.

Q. With all the success that you had at this event, a win back in 2010, runner-up two years later, seventh by yourself last year, did you feel that today you could make your move and get into contention?
JIM FURYK: I was hoping to. I really felt like I left a lot of shots out on the golf course yesterday. Some careless 3-putts, a careless -- I was trying to kind of pitch around a tree on 16, hit the tree, the ball ricocheted in the water and made double. I was, when I, right when I finished I was kind of disappointed with the score, even par, but the more I thought about it kind of coming down the stretch I played well, I hit the ball great, I had a lot of good looks, I hit some good putts that didn't go in, I was able to birdie the last. And after I thought about yesterday's round I really went into it with the mindset I did so much right during the round let's not focus on the careless mistakes and try to get it going on the weekend. So it's nice to get off to a real good start, birdieing 1 and 2 today and I got settled in.

Q. Any kind of carryover from the PLAYERS championship and how well you were able to play in that event to this week?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, I think physically I know my game's there. I was a little mentally, I don't know if you want to call it a mental hangover or whatever from last week, it's been a long time since I've really got in the hunt, so I had the juices flowing, and then I was able to respond well and birdie 16, birdie 18, hit the shots I needed to. Mentally I think I was a little worn out and I think that showed a little bit maybe in my careless mistakes yesterday. But physically I feel great and I got to get my -- I said it in the press room on Wednesday, I kind of have to get my mind right and have to -- physically I'm playing really well, but you still got to go out there and make the decisions and have a good attitude and I've been working on that.

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