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March 23, 2019

Bronte Law

Phoenix, Arizona

Q. Fantastic round out there for you. What were you feeling out there on the course?
BRONTE LAW: I had a hot start. Made some really nice putts that I had not been making over the last couple days. You know, create some really good chances. Just began to roll with it. There was more chances out there, but obviously can't be too greedy. Hopefully saved a couple for tomorrow.

But overall just pleased with how solid I played and hopefully can carry that into tomorrow.

Q. After going through today, what are some improvements you want to make for the final round tomorrow?
BRONTE LAW: Just hole some more putts. Just continue to be solid with the ball striking. Just that's all I can do. Create as many chances as possible, and hopefully can roll a couple more in.

Q. This is a Solheim Cup year. Are tournaments like these really motivating to get to top of the leaderboard know that could help some Solheim Cup standings?
BRONTE LAW: Every tournament I'm trying to get to the top of that leaderboard. Obviously being a Solheim Cup year I want to do well, but as often as I can get to the top and create a chance to get that first win, I'll be pleased.

Q. As you were coming up on 18 green Marlene was coming up to her perch there. What is it like to have the Founders out there on that 18 perch?
BRONTE LAW: It's amazing. It's inspiring knowing what they did. Before I got to the LPGA I really didn't know, and then the Founders movie came out and gave me insight to what they did for the game.

It's incredible to see them still out here supporting the next generation. Knowing the work that that did enabling us to be here today and play for the purses we have now it's awesome and very -- yeah, it's really inspiring to see them there. I really enjoy this event because of it.

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