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March 22, 2019

Bianca Andreescu

Miami, Florida


6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. In Acapulco, you said you weren't playing your best tennis against Sofia. Was it a matter of playing better today or you learned something from that match?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: I think both. I got a sense of how she plays. Obviously I was expecting the right things. I definitely played a lot better than in Acapulco.

Q. How are you feeling physically at this stage of the tournament after a long match yesterday?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: I'm actually really happy with how my body's holding up. The only thing that's a problem is now my shoulder is pretty tight. I've been seeking treatment. It's not too bad.

Q. Is this the most amount of matches you've played in a row at this level? You're not feeling it at all?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, at this level, it's the first time I've played nine matches in a row. I think the most I've played was 12 or 13 on the challenger tour. I've had a bit of experience with this.

Q. Since you won Indian Wells, maybe coming to this tournament you might be under some pressure. Even the Japanese players were talking about you and watching you. Did you feel that kind of attention from other players in locker room?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, I've got some appreciation from some of the players, which is really nice. I try not to overthink about what happened last week. I know I just won a really big tournament, now I'm here in Miami.

The only pressure I think is the pressure I put on myself. If I go into every match playing my best -- not playing my best but trying my best, because you can't play your best every match, if you try my best every match, give 100%, that's all that matters to me.

Q. What kind of appreciation did you get from players, which players?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Simona Halep congratulated me in an interview, and also came up to me, which was really nice. Some other players, too.

Q. If I'm not wrong, you were talking in Indian Wells that your body was a bit struggling last year. What was it especially last year? Shoulder or something else?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: I've never had problems with my shoulder, any serious problems, I might say. But it was my back that was the problem. I had some SI joint issues. But I'm getting treated for that. During the time I was off last year with this problem, I learned a lot about my body and myself.

Now it's been holding up. I haven't really had any problem since Auckland. I'm really happy with that.

Q. You're not thinking about these kind of things during the matches?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: No, definitely not. There's so many other things I think about during the match. That's definitely not one of them.

Q. The winning streak right now, compared to the match yesterday, are you thinking about the streak during the matches?

Q. The winning streak.
BIANCA ANDREESCU: I try not to think about that. It definitely gives me confidence and good momentum going into this tournament.

Q. Did you feel fresher mentally today since yesterday you had to save match point to get going?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: After a match like that, I definitely relaxed a bit. I wasn't expecting an easy match today. It could have went both ways. I'm really happy with how I pulled through yesterday because if it wasn't for yesterday, I wouldn't be here. I was one point away from losing, so...

Q. You said you don't have any specific things that you do that bring you good luck, apart from this sniffing stuff you might start selling on eBay because it works. The longer you go, sometimes the more you feel you have to keep everything that's working right now because you're doing something good. Is there any kind of pressure? I don't know if I'm actually making sense. Anyway, do you actually feel you have to keep doing exactly the same thing that you're doing because it's obviously working or it's not something that concerns you?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: I'm not really superstitious like that. The only thing that has been working for not only last couple months but for a while now is sniffing the whatever it is, just having a very healthy diet, preparing well before matches, the usual, recovering well, a lot of meditation.

Q. You could play Angie next. What are your thoughts on her as an opponent? Do you remember a shot against her in the final standing out?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, if I play her, I know it's not going to be an easy match. The final could have went both ways. But now I know what to expect from her, so hopefully I can execute the right tactics.

Yeah, I'm feeling really confident.

Q. What makes some of the Canadian players on tour very unique, unlike the American players, is each of the Canadian players did not have any parents born in Canada. All the Canadian players have immigrant parents. Did that make it easier for you to be socialized when you took up tennis?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: I don't know how to answer that. I never really thought of that. I didn't even know everyone's parents weren't born in Canada.

But I can comment on myself. I know that even if I started playing tennis in Canada, since I started playing tennis in Romania, even if I started playing in Canada, I don't think anything would have changed.

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