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March 22, 2019

Drew Foster

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

THE MODERATOR: Talk about your match and the emotions that went into it?

DREW FOSTER: I was wrestling. I don't think I did that well of a job of moving my feet. He was doing a really good job of holding me in. He had a tight hold on me. But, I mean, at the end of the day it's just continually wrestling, you don't know what the opportunities are going to come to score. We kind of got in a roll around and I got a takedown in back that ended up being the difference. Those are situations we work on in practice, whether it's a short-time go when you need to get a score or it's a longer go. You put yourselves in those positions and even though you're in practice you see Pittsburgh in your head. Our coaches do a great job of emphasizing that. I'm grateful for the practices that I've had and the coaches that prepared me to get those moves and put the points on the board in big matches.

Q. Drew, you are an Iowa kid, right? You know the history of Northern Iowa wrestling. When was the last time they won a national championship and have you dreamt of being the next?
DREW FOSTER: Definitely dreamt. I think it was Tony Davis in 2000, and just to have the opportunity to be here. I got teammates that work as hard as I do and their tournament didn't go the way they wanted it to. So when I'm out here I'm representing myself, my coaches, the university and my family. I'm just excited and grateful for the opportunity to be here.

Q. Drew, given the fact that, you know, you finished your high school career with out-of-state title, but now you're on the stage to be able to compete for a national title, can you put that in perspective a little bit?
DREW FOSTER: I kind of touched on it yesterday in an interview. I was asked what it felt like last year not to All-American after the previous year of being an All-American, and I said it was a fire burning inside. It's fuel for the fire, and when you don't get the accolades as a younger guy coming in, you have this chip on your shoulder like you want to prove something. You already know it inside of you and you have coaches that believe in you, but you want to prove it to everyone else and you want to prove it to yourself to let yourself know how high of a caliber athlete you are.

From day one, Coach Pugh believed in me and he helped put that self-belief in me and helped build on it throughout my five years here.

Q. Drew, other side of the basket, Max just knocked out Martin. You guys have had some battles. Tell me what you're looking forward to?
DREW FOSTER: It's always a good scrap, Max might be one of the strongest guys I've wrestled as far as strength goes and he's a scrapper. He's going to scrap for 7 minutes plus if he needs to. So I'm going out guns blazing. What do I have to protect? Right? I have this opportunity to represent my it the university, my teammates and my coaches and I'm going to run away with it.

Q. You built a nice lead going into the third and then you get that tilt there right at the end. What was your threat process there?
DREW FOSTER: Like I said earlier, we get put in situations in the practice room where you've got to deal with that, maybe you're down 2 points in that situation. I need to get out and get a score to even win. I'm just ready to wrestle in those situations. Coaches do a good job of telling us to stay consistent throughout the match, no highs, and lows, you're just steady the whole time. You can see it there in the corner there, controlling my breathing, in those situations, deep breath under control and just wasn't wavered by the situation.

THE MODERATOR: Congrats, Drew.

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