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March 22, 2019

Lauren Cox

Kalani Brown

Chloe Jackson

Waco, Texas

Q. Kalani, with this team being a favorite in virtually every game you play except maybe for a couple this year, how have you been able to stay in the moment each night and take care of what's right in front of you?
KALANI BROWN: Just as you said, not looking ahead, not getting complacent with an opponent and not paying attention to rankings or the amount of talent they have on a team. We treat every team the same. We go out there and we execute and we just take it one game at a time.

Q. Chloe, this is probably one of the reasons why you came to Baylor, to have a chance to go on a tournament run like this. Now that you're on the cusp of having that happen or getting the chance to make it happen, what's going through your head? What are you feeling?
CHLOE JACKSON: It's a blessing to be here and playing on this stage with Baylor across my chest, but just staying in the moment, not looking too far ahead, like Lani said, but just realizing it's a blessing and just taking it one game at a time.

Q. Kalani and then Lauren, you guys are almost kind of a given at this point. Everybody knows about you. How important is it for other players to play their part, to step up when maybe -- whether you're having an off-night or people are just controlling you?
KALANI BROWN: You know, there's been times where we have had an off-night, and I think a lot of people -- a lot of our guards have stepped up, Juicy, Didi. We take that and we learn from that as a team. I mean, I don't know, there's been times where we've both had a bad night, so I don't know --

LAUREN COX: And Chloe, you know.


LAUREN COX: I think it's big for them to step up like that because when we are on, it opens it up inside for us so we're not getting doubled and triple-teamed when they're hitting shots from the outside.

Q. Lauren, it's kind of like a broken record in terms of teams shooting threes against you guys. Here it comes again. How much is the focus -- has the focus been more this year on guarding the perimeter and making sure teams just don't sit out there and bomb y'all from three-point range?
LAUREN COX: Yeah, Coach has put an emphasis on that just because so many teams have done it, like you said, and I think we're going to continue to see that because you've got me and Kalani inside to start the game and then you have Lys and Queen coming in who are both 6'2", 6'3", so a lot of teams don't want to bring it in the paint because we're going to send it right back out.

Q. Chloe, you actually played in the NCAA Tournament here in Waco before. Have you allowed yourself to maybe reflect on just kind of the journey that you've traveled since then coming back here beginning this journey now?
CHLOE JACKSON: Yeah, it's been a long journey, but I do, I mean, think about it all the time. I was here two years ago and the journey was cut short, so I mean, just now being here, I want to go a long ways with Baylor.

Q. Kalani, have you ever thought now that this is it, you have a career in the possibly WNBA, wherever it might be, have you thought this could at any time over the next two or three years your last game in college?
KALANI BROWN: Yes, it's crossed my mind a few times actually, but I'm just trying to make sure that it isn't. That's the goal.

Q. Kalani, how did you celebrate your birthday yesterday?
KALANI BROWN: We practiced. We just sat at Chloe's house and watched our men upset Syracuse. Go boys.

Q. Kalani, Coach Mulkey said she's been singing to you guys. She sang the Abilene songs. What are your thoughts on her singing skills?
KALANI BROWN: They're great. They're good. I'm not going to say nothing negative about Coach. No, but she sings it over and over, so it does get a little -- I don't know what's the word.

LAUREN COX: She just stuck on that one song, and it's just nonstop, whatever song it is.

KALANI BROWN: Nope, it doesn't matter.

Q. Lauren, this team is known for its defensive ability. When you don't have as much time to scout as you get here in the tournament, what do you guys have to do differently, if anything?
LAUREN COX: I think you just go back on your basic defensive principles. I mean, help side, denying on the wing, ball pressure, that kind of thing. Since we don't have a lot of time to kind of go through their plays and all that, you just go back to what you know and just play good team defense.

Q. We've got a Pac-12 team in here and then we've got an ACC team. Do you guys recognize going in that difference conferences have different styles of play and does that help you know what to expect coming in?
KALANI BROWN: Yeah, I definitely think so. Pac-12 is different, I guess. I don't know. I don't know.

LAUREN COX: We haven't really looked at either of those teams yet. We're just focusing on Abilene right now. I think Big 12 helps us out a lot because it's super physical, we play quick, so I think we're going to be prepared for anybody who we have to play.

CHLOE JACKSON: I agree with LC, but the Big 12 we see different types -- different styles of play, so I think when it comes time to scouting them, whichever team we're going to have to play, we'll be prepared and ready to play them.

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