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March 22, 2019

Brenna Chase

Jasmine Moody

Shalae Salmon

Stanford, California

MODERATOR: We'll now open the floor for questions for BYU student-athletes Brenna Chase, Jasmine Moody and Shalae Salmon.

Q. What kind of zone did you feel like in the WCC championship kind?
BRENNA CHASE: What kind of zone? Like shooting? I don't know. I just felt really locked in. I mean that's such a big game. I knew I had to come and play -- I knew we all had to come and play if we wanted to win. So I was just really locked in. Everything was just working out, so yeah.

Q. Congratulations on making it this far. You guys are the most experienced three on the time. So what's it been like so far for some of the youth, some of the younger players? Are they star struck right now, the big lights coming on? I know you haven't been on the floor yet, but how's the reaction been so far with the youth?
JASMINE MOODY: I think they are extremely excited. They're just full of energy and ready to get out there and start playing. I just love the energy that's coming from our younger players right now. So I really love it.

BRENNA CHASE: Yeah, I would say that I feel like they're ready. I don't see any nervousness or fear in their eyes, which I think is awesome, and I applaud them for that.

SHALAE SALMON: And it's our first time being here as well, so we're kind of like in the same boat as them as being like super excited to be here, so we're kind of all experiencing it together, all the excitement.

Q. Most important things about playing an NCAA Tournament game in general and then playing a team like Auburn specifically, for either of you.
JASMINE MOODY: Wait. Can you repeat the question one more time?

BRENNA CHASE: I think that altogether we just need to be composed. We can't go out there and kind of, I don't know, like freak out, lose our minds. We have to be composed. We have to handle their pressure, especially this is a team that averages 20 turnovers a game, so we really have to take care of the ball, and I think that goes in just NCAA in general. Every team that's here is here for a reason. This is a hard tournament to make, and so we obviously have to play well in order to get the job done.

JASMINE MOODY: I agree. I think the biggest thing is Auburn is definitely going to pressure us and try and scare us. So I think that staying composed and just trusting each other is going to be really important.

SHALAE SALMON: And I think throughout the season we've done really successful things together, and I feel like this is just another game. I know it's an important one, but we just have to keep thinking, have a strong mindset that we've had throughout the whole year, that this is just another game, and we can win this game.

Q. It's obviously been a really good year for you guys, just six losses this season. You did have a stretch there in conference play where you lost three straight. Was there something that was said in the locker room or, you know, kind of that conversation that got you going in the right direction where you've won eight straight and seemingly are peaking at the right time?
BRENNA CHASE: I would just say that instead of like a talk, it was more of a feeling. We kind of as a group had to decide that we didn't want to give up our season, we'd been doing so well, and if we were to lose another game, we wouldn't really have a chance to be where we are right now. And so I think that was kind of our thought process is if we want to do something special this year, we have to start taking care of business.

JASMINE MOODY: I agree. And I think that we're all so competitive and we didn't want to lose any more games, so we just had to all come together and play hard.

MODERATOR: Any further questions for our student-athletes? Okay. Thank you, Brenna, Shalae and Jasmine.

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