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March 21, 2019

Venus Williams

Miami, Florida

V. WILLIAMS/D. Jakupovic

7-5, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Your opponent today is still fairly new on this level. I'm curious what you might have found interesting about her game and what made her tough particularly in the first set and maybe towards the end of the match?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, she really plays the angles well and definitely a real competitor. Was just trying to get a feel for what her shot selection is like. That's always really challenging as a new opponent.

Q. Being on a new court for the first time in a match situation, did that take adjustment for you, as well?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I had a chance to hit on the court before, so, no, not really.

Q. Does it differ in any way from any other court you have been on?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I think every court is a little bit different, but it's not a court that you say, Oh, my God, it's difficult to play on. It's just nice and typical.

Q. What have just been your initial impressions of the site? You obviously grew up going to Key Biscayne as a little girl and eventually playing there. To see it come here, what has been your thoughts on this?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I think everyone has been curious about it, how it looks. And your fans facilities are really nice, and the stadium is quite large. I think everyone is pretty pleased.

Q. I'm curious, for athletes to have the career you have had, what sacrifices have you made when you think of either just time or diet or just anything? What comes to mind? What's the sacrifice you have had to have this career?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't think there is really any sacrifices. I think it's really only pluses, especially if you're able to, you know, execute on your dream. That's really what anyone and everyone wants, I think.

One of the challenges is that it's really a lifestyle, and there is never any moment where you're not trying to get better or that you forget about tennis. You just feel intense pressure to get better and to work. So the amount of work that goes into it, it's a lot of work.

Q. You play Carla next. You have played so many tough matches against her over the years. What makes her tough as an opponent?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, as an opponent, she's crafty, feisty, and competitive. She plays maybe a little more topspin than others and then some slice. So it's a little bit atypical game to adjust to as opposed to other players.

Q. Your team posted a video chronicling your journey from Indian Wells to Miami. And I know you're not the one editing it and putting it all together, but what kind of vibe do you feel like you and your team are looking for when you put out content like that?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I think obviously a vibe that resonates with me. And I think it does. So it speaks for itself.

Q. What kind of vibes tend to resonate with you?
VENUS WILLIAMS: What did you feel when you watched it?

Q. Felt cool.
VENUS WILLIAMS: You said it.

Q. Earlier you were talking about how you get a lot of your strength from your mom. I wanted to know if you could talk about that and your whole family dynamic.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, growing up in my home we weren't allowed to be weak, so it just wasn't an option. The only option was to be strong. You had a choice of being strong or being strong, so we were strong.

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