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March 21, 2019

Scottie James

Lovell Cabbil Jr.

San Jose, California

MODERATOR: We'll welcome Lovell Cabbil and Scottie James to the dais, and we will open it up to questions for the student-athletes.

Q. Scottie, we remember your team from what you did at UCLA, obviously. What did that win do for you, do for the program and when you look back on it, how important was that other than the fact that it was a W?
SCOTTIE JAMES: Yeah, it was big. We were a really confident team, so we knew going in that we could play with anybody as long as we were playing right. That game kind of helped us get off to a good start in the conference.

Yeah, I think it was just good just to be able to go -- kind of like I guess get an upset-type win, just to get our names out there a little bit and just to show everybody that we were there.

Q. Guys, what's the experience been like, Scottie, first you and then Lovell, you just ever since you got off the plane?
SCOTTIE JAMES: It's been fun. Obviously this is our first trip here. We didn't know exactly what to expect. We've had really good times in the hotel just like chilling together, watching some games a little bit. But just being able to be together is just awesome.

LOVELL CABBIL, JR.: Yeah, to kind of back off of what he said, just the hospitality ever since we stepped off the plane, as far as just getting to our hotel, all that's been great, and we've been able to just bond more as a team just experiencing these things, whether it's just like going out to dinner, just walking around San Jose, just getting to sightsee, and et cetera, and stuff like that. I feel like it's just helped us bond more as a team.

Q. Lovell, what did those games -- you played a good schedule, you played some SEC teams, and you've been around the block quite a bit this year. What did those tight games against Lipscomb mean in terms of what you think they might prepare you for in this game tomorrow?
LOVELL CABBIL, JR.: Yeah, something Coach has been preaching to us since the beginning of the year. He scheduled it the way he did just to prepare us for these type of moments.

And the Lipscomb games, we were on the road, and just being able to go in their house with a tough environment, with a magnitude of a game like that, to still be able to come out and execute the way we did and pull off a win there -- we were the underdogs -- I feel like that helped us know when we get into those type of situations further down the road, that we can be successful in them.

Q. Lovell, we talked about this a little the other day, knowing this is your last chance to experience something like this, what kind of purpose are you going to be going out there with tomorrow?
LOVELL CABBIL, JR.: Yeah, just playing knowing that it could be the last college game of my career. But that's something I've been playing with since the beginning of the year, something I tried to play with my whole life, just play like every game is your last because you never know when the game can be your last.

Just for me tomorrow, just going out there, leading this team vocally and through my actions on the court and when I'm on the bench, just going out there and doing that for the entire game like it could be my last.

Q. Scottie, when you look at the number of big men that they have and how well they play and the different things they can do, I mean stretch the defense, shoot a three a little bit, what kind of challenge do they possess in the front court?
SCOTTIE JAMES: Yeah. Obviously we've scouted them out pretty well. They got some really, really good bigs, really strong, physical bigs. It's going to be a battle down low for sure for our 4s and 5s. We just gotta be physical and just do what we do, and we should be good.

Q. How good does it feel getting Liberty back to the tournament for the first time since 2013?
LOVELL CABBIL, JR.: It feels really good just to be able to shine light on our university and what we play for, and I think it feels even better knowing how we lost last year in our conference championship off the buzzer-beater shot, to come back this year and win it on the road the way we did, it just feels really great.

And with this team, unlike the team we've had in the previous three years that I've been here, we've been really close off the court. So that just made it even more special to win it with these guys.

Q. Scottie?
SCOTTIE JAMES: Yeah, I mean just basically what he said. I mean, this group of guys is really special, and just like last year, like he said, it was tough just coming to an end that it did. But we just know like just the games that we played this year just to prepare us for these moments.

MODERATOR: Any additional questions? We'll call it there. Thanks, guys.

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