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March 21, 2019

Quinndary Weatherspoon

Reggie Perry

Aric Holman

San Jose, California

MODERATOR: We welcome Mississippi State to the dais. We have Reggie Perry, Quinndary Weatherspoon, and Aric Holman, and we will just open it up to questions.

Q. For Q and Aric, how are you all handling all the bright lights and all the attention that goes in with March Madness?
ARIC HOLMAN: Honestly, we're just taking it one day at a time. This is another opportunity for us to show what we're able to do on a big stage, and nothing changes.

Q. Q and Aric, you guys are the only two guys left from Coach Howland's first recruiting class. What does it mean for you to get to the Big Dance in your senior years, and what have you seen in maybe the four years?
QUINNDARY WEATHERSPOON: It means a lot knowing me and Aric came in together, so we making it to this point, I mean, the culture of Mississippi State, I know we haven't been to the tournament in like a decade or something like that. It means a lot to us and the fans that we finally made it back.

Q. Reggie, what are you expecting to see from Liberty? Kind of a brief scouting report on those guys.
REGGIE PERRY: Well, we're expecting to see that they're going to move the ball a lot. They're going to take good shots and try to control the pace of the game.

Q. Talking about the pace of the game, what's the challenge going up against a team that wants to slow it down the way Liberty does?
QUINNDARY WEATHERSPOON: We just gotta take care of the basketball and take our opportunities once we get out in transition to try to get easy baskets, because we know that Liberty is going to try to make it a half-court game, and we'll just try to control our pace. And if we can get them out in transition, I think we'll have a good deal at winning the game.

Q. Aric, what do you think the biggest change with this team has been in your four years, whether culturally or the makeup of the team or obviously winning more games?
ARIC HOLMAN: I would say the guys that I'm surrounded with now. These guys are passionate about winning and getting better and not letting any day pass them. They take every day serious to try and get better every day, but at the end of the day the culture has changed for the aspect of guys just wanting to win and be the best, being the best they can be.

Q. How much has the run you guys were able to make last year in the NIT, how much do you think it has helped you this year and how much do you think it can help you in this tournament?
ARIC HOLMAN: I would say the run we had last year really showed us how prepared we have to be in the beginning of the season and the offseason to be able to withstand and play in a long stretch, a period of time going all the way through March.

MODERATOR: Anyone else? Sounds like we're good. Okay. Thanks, fellas, appreciate it.

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