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February 24, 2005

Davis Love III


DAVIS LOVE III: I let him win a hole there that I should have won.

Q. (Inaudible.)

DAVIS LOVE III: Part of it was that I kept feeling like if I could just hit some fairways, I could win the match. And I kept missing them and I was missing them with even 3 woods that usually I've been hitting really good. I've been hitting a lot of fairways, the ones I've played this year, there haven't been many. I've been hitting a lot of fairways, and it was killing me today. I got off to a bad start missing them and then started thinking a little too much.

But then when it counted the last two holes, I finally hit a couple or good two shots and got myself a chance to make some birdies.

Q. What were you thinking on 15?

DAVIS LOVE III: 15 I was thinking I'll just hit a 3 wood, which I never do on that hole and just get something in the fairway, and then I hit a terrible shot with that. And when he tied it up, you've got one of the best putters in the game, you never know what he's going to do.

We both missed a couple that we could have made that could have made a difference. Like I said, we both hit some bad shots. It was not pretty. He hit some fairways and hit some bad shots. I hit some bad tee shots, and it really could have gone either way.

Q. (Inaudible.)

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, I was farther out there in the rough than those guys would be. Like on 10, I could hack it up on the green, and he hit a little rocket over the green. It's an advantage, certainly. They kind of took it away, a little bit. They put some tees up, I guess 9 you couldn't have played it unless they played it as a par 3. But it always helps, especially when it's muddy, to be able to carry it a long way, especially that last hole. I didn't even have to think about it, I could hit a 3 wood up by the green.

Q. You had the first look at the golf course this morning; what did you think of the conditions?

DAVIS LOVE III: It's surprisingly good. They called it Tuesday at 1:00, and yesterday at 1:00 it looked a lot worse. They did a great job. They always seem to pull a plug down there somewhere and get us all on the golf course. Like Mark Russell said, if it was a stroke play tournament, we would have had a tough time playing it. But you're playing in the same conditions as the guy you're playing against. And where you might have some luck involved, it's pretty much the same for everybody.

I'm glad we got started. If we didn't get started today, we'd have been in trouble.

Q. Talk about 3. You brought Mark out; what did you ask him? What was the question there?

DAVIS LOVE III: I was just making sure that when I go to drop that I'm taking a drop that's fair. I didn't think I could take a drop on that hole, and they brought him out and he said yeah.

I kept putting my foot down, and they said if you put your foot down you'll get wet and I'd just stand still. But I was trying to be I didn't want to just yell over at Chris and say I'm going to drop it right here and get out of this water and get into less water. I just didn't think it was fair, one, that I dropped in the fairway if it wasn't the right drop, and two, it wasn't fair that I smoke it down there, the perfect drive, and then have to go in the rough.

And the rough hasn't even the first cut hasn't been mode. So you're dropping it, but you drop in the first cut and you're dead, where sometimes that might actually be good. But a tournament like this, you go to the first cut, you don't have spin on the ball, you can hit it right at the flag, but this stuff, you saw like Chris on 10, and he just hit a shooter out of there sitting down.

So I just wanted to do the right thing. You don't want to question what they want us to do. I said, if this is what you want us to do we'll do it and just make sure I'm not cheating.

Q. When did you hear that 9 was going to be a par 3? You guys were already playing, weren't you? Coming up 8?

DAVIS LOVE III: One of the guys walking with us told us. But that was after they saw how bad it was on 3 and then 6. We were actually out there playing. I was trying to drop in the rough on 6, just to get a shot in there. I think when they saw us out there playing, they said, if 9 is the worst one, we better do something.

I even hit a flier, a fat squirter, after teeing it up on 9, and then Chris teed his up a little bit higher and picked it, because it was pretty wet there.

Q. That's going to be another hole that's going to take a little bit of an advantage away from a Mickelson playing a Roberts or whatnot; 9 is a pretty long hole?

DAVIS LOVE III: That's a hole where a long hitter drives it in the fairway and the other guy starts cussing a little bit, maybe. I've seen a lot of guys come in 1 up or 2 up and then drive in the fairway and go, won another hole easy. But we're just trying to get it around the golf course today. The grounds crew and our staff has done a great job just to get us on the golf course. We were joking, we came up on this hole, and said I hope it's not a par 3.

End of FastScripts.

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