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February 25, 2005

Davis Love III


Q. The rough out there is going to beat you up today. Did everything just go right?

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, I hit the fairways today. Today I hit it in the fairway. He helped me out bogeying the first two holes. I got off to a good start after that. I didn't give him a whole lot of openings. I hit a lot of good drives today.

Q. What do you do with this in between time?

DAVIS LOVE III: I'm going to go back and get on the training table and get loosened up again and get something to eat and get some dry socks and get ready to go again. You've got to try to relax, because it's going to be a long week, no matter what. And today is going to be a long day, and if I make it to tomorrow, it will be even longer tomorrow. So I'm just relaxing as much as I can.

Q. How was the condition of the course today compared to yesterday?

DAVIS LOVE III: It's a lot better. I don't have mud up to my knees today. Give it one more day, we'll be able to play the holes, not cutting off the corners and playing them as par 3s. It will be much better tomorrow.

Mike tried to do the quick math, and he said it was around he figured around 310 or 315 to the front, and I figured I could hit away. And we watched Lehman and Cink, both hit drivers, when we were walking up on the par 3.

So when they got to their balls, we kind of gauged. Tom was short and right and looked like Stewart was almost green high on the left. So we just figured I'd hit driver. The hardest thing is how far not really how far is it over the creek, how far is it to the green or the bunkers. So once I saw what they did, I knew I could hit a driver. I hit a good one.

Q. A lot of people compare this to the two events with the NCAA tournament, but the difference seems to be in this thing nobody seems to be happy when there are upsets. Why do you think it works that way?

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, we're certainly used to having a great leaderboard on Sunday with the names you recognize. And here anybody can beat anybody. Next thing you know we've got four guys on the last two days that aren't Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. For that reason I think they'd pull for their favorites, and it's just that it's a different format. This is a tough format for TV. The early rounds are almost more exciting than the later rounds.

Q. If somebody follows you, does it change your interest level in following it, if there's not as many upsets?

DAVIS LOVE III: I think it's going to go back and forth. It's hard for the No. 1 guy to run straight through. I think it's just fun to watch. Your friends are out there watching. You've got interesting match ups. I'm playing a guy like Lee Westwood and he's a good guy and a friend. There's a whole lot more to it than just playing golf, because we're so used to putting up a score and playing against the golf course, sometimes it's hard to get out and switch gears and play match play.

Q. (Inaudible).

DAVIS LOVE III: It had gotten a little too quiet out there. And you don't know what to say when you're beating a guy and keep winning holes. I never know what to say to a guy, especially a guy like Lee. If it's somebody I don't know very well, or somebody that I really would prefer to beat, you don't feel quite as bad. But if it's your buddy, what do you say when they're 3 down. You want to walk out ahead of them and keep quiet.

Then when he said that, I didn't think I was going to be able to hit my bunker shot, I was still laughing. I hit a bad shot into the bunker, and I was walking up to the ball, and he said, "Now I think I've just seen the door open." And we couldn't stop laughing. What do I say to that? You never know what to say. But he's a good guy and took it well. The first few holes did him in, and I'm sure that was the whole deal for him.

Q. (Inaudible.)

DAVIS LOVE III: I haven't. The talk seems now that we ought to play in Florida first and then the West Coast second.

Q. (Inaudible.)

DAVIS LOVE III: No, we've had some bad luck here with the weather. This one seems to be always the one that gets rained on the most. But I have a lot of friends that live here, they say it never does this until you guys come to town. There's a lot of tradition here at LaCosta. I'm sure there are some other courses that drain better.

End of FastScripts.

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