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September 1, 2000

Venus Williams

Flushing Meadows, New York

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Venus.

Q. Now about those double-faults.

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I was pulling down too quickly. I think the main problem was that I wasn't seeing like how I wanted to hit it clearly in my mind so it was not translating, how I'm hitting the ball. So I couldn't stop hitting the net. No matter how hard I tried, at one point there, I couldn't stop hitting serves in the net. So...

Q. How did you go about self-correcting that?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, by the time the second set rolled around, I think it was pretty much at an end or after those two double-faults in the tiebreak. I got over with it.

Q. How much of a wake-up call was this, she was up 3-0?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I mean I don't think it was a wake-up call at all. She did play well to get up 3-Love, it's not like I gave it to her. She hit some nice shots, she had nice strategy. You expect people to come out and play well, especially in a Grand Slam. I have a lot of points -- she has a lot of points to gain if she defeats me. Unfortunately for her it didn't happen tonight.

Q. At that point is it a matter of confidence? You've been in those situations so many times.

VENUS WILLIAMS: Sure, I think that's it. There's a lot of points there where I could have lost where I managed to come through, a lot of balls that I moved up to. Whereas in the past, even a lot of other players would not have went forward just to attack. So I think that helped me out a lot on my side.

Q. Did you feel you had to break it up by starting --?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I thought the points would be quicker and more effective. Whenever she was on a run, she hit some hard balls. The only time she generated power was when I gave her power. Other than that, she was hitting topspin balls. I felt like I wasn't going to feed her too much.

Q. Was your serve on your mind all day? You were out there doing a little bit of work on it this afternoon?

VENUS WILLIAMS: No. I think the last match I served quite well, but today I just -- I think one of the main reasons I wasn't getting a lot of first serves in is that puts a lot of pressure on your second serve. Especially today, she was returning very well, that makes you think more. Also, I was thinking about it much too much. Some of the serves when I wasn't thinking about it, I was thinking about something totally different, suddenly you hit a great second serve. So I have to stop thinking too much.

Q. Can you speak a little bit about how much your self-confidence has grown since you became the Wimbledon champion?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Well... I was pretty good before that.

Q. Perhaps it hasn't.

VENUS WILLIAMS: But I guess now I've been winning quite a few. I guess I have the longest streak this year, these days, after this match. That's nice. I think it's gonna be pretty hard to break that this year for anybody. But as far as confidence, I feel like that in the big points, in the big situations, I'm at an advantage. Like I'm not gonna back down or make mistakes for no reason at all, as I might have done in the past.

Q. Is it possible even to trace that kind of level of desire and confidence back from winning a Grand Slam?

VENUS WILLIAMS: No, I mean in order to win a Grand Slam, a lot of things have to start before that. So it's not like all of a sudden I won Wimbledon. I started working hard before. And now it's mine, I suppose. But it's just a matter of stepping up at the right time. Willing to step up.

Q. You mentioned the other day that you thought maybe some people, when you play them, might be a little intimidated when they come on the court against you. How did it feel to have a challenge, someone come up there and say, "Hey, I'm gonna try to do some different things."

VENUS WILLIAMS: I've seen her play before against Monica and I saw her do the same exact thing so today I was ready. But she played very well, was mixing up her shots. There was nothing I could do about it at that time. But I was -- started reading where she was hitting, and just a few shots that she likes more than others. So I'm a smart player; I'm watching what's happening.

Q. Did you enjoy the competition?

VENUS WILLIAMS: That's the first thing I said when I walked out on the court when I was in warm-up. Just to make sure I love competing, I'm enjoying the competition. If so, then you're playing a little better, she's gonna hit this shot on me, I'm gonna hit this shot on her. So on and so forth.

Q. You think your winning streak can keep going for an unlimited time?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Sure seems that way. But one match at a time. Who do I play next? No one knows. I think it was Coetzer and Serna. I'll play Serna. I prefer to play a higher-ranked player but you can't pick the draw.

Q. Last night your sister shared with us some of her favorite Internet sites.


Q. Last night your sister shared with us some of her favorite Internet sites. I was wondering if you could talk about the places you go on the web.

VENUS WILLIAMS: You know, I go to Hotmail, CNNSI, Yahoo, I used to go to Artnet.com. I don't go very much anymore because the site stopped loading correctly. But I'm not very big with the Internet. As far as, sure, using it, but I don't look around a lot.

Q. When you go back to school, did you think about designing some dresses for your dolls?


Q. Yeah, for the dolls. Designing some for them.


Q. You're going back to school, right?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, yeah. That's a possibility.

Q. At any time during the first set did you feel tight at all?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, sure. I felt a little bit tight because I was thinking about what I'm gonna do to turn this around, and also I think the only main reason I felt tight is because my first two matches, even last week, my balls have been flying long. So now I'm trying to stay low so they won't fly. But today I saw that they weren't flying so I was feeling a lot better. I was able to hit out a lot more.

Q. Is your wrist binding just a precaution?

VENUS WILLIAMS: It's like something I have to do before I play or else --.

Q. Since your injury?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Hmm? I have to do it.

End of FastScripts....

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