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March 20, 2019

Phil Cofer

Terance Mann

Trent Forrest

Hartford, Connecticut

Q. Trent, you guys don't play Vermont or many America East teams. What do you know about them, what are you expecting tomorrow?
TRENT FORREST: They kind of play different from what we're used to. They kind of just play a slower type of pace. I mean, they have the Lamb kid who's pretty good. They play a lot of ball through him. So we just have to stop him and try to pick up their pace a little bit to what we like to play at.

Q. My question is for Terance. You're a Lowell, Mass. kid. What does it mean to come back to New England to play in the NCAA Tournament?
TERANCE MANN: It definitely means a lot for me because it's my last year and I get to come back and play in front of friends and family for one last time. So it's a good feeling.

Q. Terance, kind of going off that last question, you prepped at the Tilton School. What can you say about how playing at Tilton helped develop you and the type of competition you played in the Prep League?
TERANCE MANN: It helped develop me a lot. I played a lot of competition in the NEPSAC, a lot of D1 players on every team we played, night in, night out. It definitely helped out a lot maturing me for my freshman year.

Q. Phil, coming out of the ACC tournament, you guys were in some pretty crazy games there. I mean, how much does having that just so recently under your belt help you against a team that you're very unfamiliar with?
PHIL COFER: I think the main thing, basically all those three games were dog fights. We are putting that in the past and looking forward to this game because it's our next game. I think the main thing is to learn from our mistakes from what we did and just moving on.

Q. You guys had a great run last year in the NCAAs. I'm wondering what you take from a run like that that you can bring to the next tournament?
TERANCE MANN: I think definitely we learned a lot from last year. We learned how to take it one game at a time and not worry about future games ahead. I think last year we did a good job of that, we stuck to -- every game plan was kind of different for us last year and we did a good job of taking one game at a time. I think we'll carry that over with us this year especially since we've got a lot of returners on the team from last year's run.

TERANCE MANN: Yeah, I would kind of say what Terance said, just taking it one game at a time. I feel like the whole experience last year, it helped us throughout the season with winning games. That's just going to help us be even better with this year's tournament.

PHIL COFER: The main thing is kind of not looking in the future, just looking at what we got ahead. That's what made us have a good run, looking at what team we had and just mainly just focusing on them. That's what really helped us have a run last year.

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