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March 20, 2019

Anthony Lamb

Ernie Duncan

Stef Smith

Hartford, Connecticut

Q. Anthony, this season, what expectations did you put on yourself going into the year and have you achieved them thus far?
ANTHONY LAMB: Yeah, so this year mostly for me, trying to get healthy and trying to get back to myself and the level of play I expect from myself. I was trying to become a leader on this team knowing I had to step into a bigger role as upperclassman. Really trying to do what the coaches tell me and get back to 100 percent is my goal. I think I've done that to the best of my ability this year.

Q. Ernie, can you -- I'd like you to kind of talk about Coach Becker a little bit, what he brings to the program and what was it about him and the tone he sets for the program that encouraged all three, both your brothers to come as well.
ERNIE DUNCAN: The winning culture is the reason why I came and the chance to get to this stage is why myself and Everett came to Vermont. Coach Becker is a competitor, a great person to relate to off the court. He did a good job bouncing the life off court and on the court.

Q. For Anthony and Stef, you played in an ACC school earlier this year and had big games, can you talk about that experience and what you prepare to do at Florida State?
STEF SMITH: Yeah, it was a great experience, stadium, atmosphere, it's just -- that level of basketball is a little different, athletic wise, physical wise. I think it's good we got to play that game, to prepare us for this game coming up on Thursday.

ANTHONY LAMB: It's a lot of fun when you get to play against better competition, so I think we're going to take advantage of that experience and try to bring it into this NCAA Tournament game.

Q. For Anthony, then Ernie, you got here two years ago, lost to Purdue, what do you take away from that experience and how much does it help you prepare for the game you have tomorrow?
ERNIE DUNCAN: Yeah, we're definitely hungry with Anthony, having a taste of the big stage. I know him and myself are hungry for a chance to compete against a major team. Overall win, we're definitely excited for tomorrow.

ANTHONY LAMB: It was a great game two years ago. We were able to step up on the big stage and now we know what it takes in the game like that, playing against higher competition and how it feels to play in front of that many people in front of such a great crowd.

Q. Really for any of you guys, getting to play somewhat close to home, what do you guys expect in terms of fan support, students and family coming to the games?
ERNIE DUNCAN: We feel like it's a home game for us in a way. It's really exciting we'll have fans coming from Vermont and into the area and coming down to support us.

STEF SMITH: It's amazing. Fan support has been really great the whole year. That's going to be great to have that support. It's like a home game, like you said.

ANTHONY LAMB: Just grateful that my mom can make the trip. It's not too far for her. Anything that makes it easy for my mom is good for me.

Q. For any of guys, but maybe Anthony. Florida State's length and height is uncommon even for other ACC teams. How do sort of make up for that disadvantage?
ANTHONY LAMB: I think it's our job to understand that, and going into the game, being prepared for that. We haven't faced a team as long or athletic as him. We got close playing Kansas and Louisville. So, it's really understanding where we can get to on the court and how we can best exploit our advantages versus their strengths.

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