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March 17, 2019

Bianca Andreescu

Indian Wells, California


6-4, 3-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations.

Q. Did you visualize it this morning?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yes, I did. Not only this morning but so many times. It's crazy to think that it became a reality today.

Q. The other day when you reached the final and you said you were trembling and were at a loss for words, what the heck is the situation now?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: I was actually really dizzy in the locker room because just there were so many thoughts and emotions going through my body. I had a good ice bath, which I think calmed me down a bit.

But, yeah, it's been a crazy ride. Truly a Cinderella story. Naomi did this last year. And now to be able to have my name in front of so many amazing champions is -- it means the world to me.

Q. What does it also mean when you consider the stats that show that you're the youngest since Serena won in 1999 over Steffi Graf, and the first wildcard woman to win this title?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, I'd like to thank BNP Paribas for giving me this opportunity. Without them I wouldn't be in this situation right now. I'm beyond grateful for that.

Yeah, like I said, it's incredible to have my name beside so many incredible champions. It's a dream come true.

Q. Have you just realized that your life has changed forever?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: No, like, nothing has sunk in, guys. I don't know what's gonna happen tonight, but hopefully I will, because I have another tournament in, like, two days (smiling).

Q. Did you see the draw?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: No, I don't want to know yet. I just want to savor this moment because you never know what next week can bring.

Q. Did you try to lift the trophy?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: I did. It's, like, like 40 pounds. Thank God I didn't drop it during the ceremony. That would have been a story to remember.

Q. There was a moment the microphones caught when you brought your coach down in the third set and you were down a break. We heard you say -- I think you said, I really want this. The desire in your voice was very palpable. Why did you want it so much and what was that moment with your coach like? Because the match seemed to change when you went back on the court after that.
BIANCA ANDREESCU: That moment was everything to me. He really helped me in that moment with such incredible words. The way he says things really -- it really gives me chills. So I'm glad I called him at that moment.

And, yeah, at that point, I was really, really tired, but at that point I was, like, mind over matter. That's what helped me win today.

Q. When you talk about creative visualizations, do you creatively visualize it being quite that stressful, cramping again at the end again?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: It always happens during the match points. It's... Ohh. Yeah, but somehow my body pulled through.

But, yeah, I do visualize myself in tough situations like that, so that definitely helps.

Q. Can you describe the feeling of being in the zone?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: It basically is nothing can distract me. I'm relaxed. I trust myself. I trust my shots. I feel confident. In those moments, I try to breathe as much as I can, as well, to get into the zone. That's what I do usually before the match.

In this past tournament, it's definitely helped. I have been in the zone, I think, every match. There were some ups and downs in some matches, obviously. Tennis isn't a perfect sport. So I'm just -- this means everything to me.

Q. Your arm was heavily taped before the match. Anything serious?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: No. My shoulder has just been really, really tight. That was more for prevention.

Q. I know you don't want to see the future, but last year Naomi won this tournament the first time, and within a year she won two slams and became No. 1. Do you think it's kind of an inspiration for you?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: No pressure (smiling).

Q. Sorry.
BIANCA ANDREESCU: It's totally fine.

Yeah, it's definitely inspiration seeing her claim the trophy last year and winning two Grand Slams right after that has been amazing to see.

But, yeah, I don't really want to focus on the future right now. I just want to enjoy this moment, because I don't want to take anything for granted. You never know what next week brings. I just want to savor this.

Q. The first time you brought your coach out, he reminded you that your strategy was to moonball to her backhand, get the ball up high, and also to serve more to her backhand. You seemed to take that advice to heart.
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, definitely. On court sometimes you can't necessarily see what's going on, but on the sideline, that's why I have -- you have a coach, and it's nice to see things from different perspectives.

Yeah, that definitely helped. It's not moonballing. It's just hitting heavy to her backhand with more spin (smiling). We're not under 12 here.

Q. That's exactly what I meant.
BIANCA ANDREESCU: But sometimes, yeah, maybe it looks like a moonball because I didn't set up properly, but that's not my intention.

Q. A couple things. Is it any sense of out-of-body experience? You have been watching these players on television all these years and here you are playing on this court. Did you have that experience today? And a lot of times people say they have a flashback to things in their life earlier. You have only been around 18 years, but did you have flashback moments today as you held the trophy up?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, I have watched all these players play on TV so many times, so it's surreal to be able to play against them in front of amazing crowds at such prestigious tournaments. It's beyond crazy.

And what was the second question?

Q. Did you have any flashbacks to moments in your life, winning?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: During the match?

Q. After.
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Oh, after? Yeah, a year ago today -- not today. A year ago, during this period, I had been struggling a lot with my tennis and with my body, too. So it's crazy what a year can do. I was playing 25Ks in Japan, and now I'm the -- can I say the F word? No, I can't. (Smiling).

The F-ing champion of Indian Wells. It's crazy. Crazy is the word of the tournament for me. Just crazy. I think it's the little --

Q. Lucky hair band?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yes, the lucky hair band.

Q. Never lose it.
BIANCA ANDREESCU: I won't. I won't.

Q. A question related to what you just said. You mentioned how you have sacrificed a lot. What were really the toughest moments as your career unfolded? Can you take us back to one or two examples?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: There are a lot. It would definitely have to be the injury part of the sport. I have been through a lot with injuries.

But now I have a good base, I have a good team around me that helped me prepare well before matches. I do a very good recovery. I eat well.

I don't necessarily think that being injured is a bad thing. I try to take it in a positive way and just find different things about me that might work later on. That's what I have been doing.

Also, I have never been to an actual high school, so that definitely is something that I have missed out on. But to be in this moment right now, I don't regret anything.

Q. To bring you back down to earth a bit, as much as I hate to do it, so often when a player has a huge win like this or beats a big-name player, to have to come and back it up next week, I'm sure there is an element of a letdown after a big win. How important do you think is having these few days off between now and when you will actually start playing in Miami will be for you going into that tournament?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: I don't know how to answer that. I think this tournament will definitely give me confidence for hopefully the rest of the season.

And like I said before, you never know what next week can bring. Maybe I'll have a bad day. Maybe my opponent will play unbelievable. But if I go out there and play my best, then I have no pressure. I think the only pressure that comes to me is the pressure I put on myself. I try not to think about the press, the fans, and anything.

So if I just focus on myself, then that's all that matters for me.

Q. You're down 3-2 in the third set, and then you get on a run, nine straight points, I think 14 out of 16. You get in the zone. What's that feel like to get in there where everything is clicking?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, in that moment, after I spoke to my coach, I just let it all out there. At that point I was really tired, so I went for my shots more, and that obviously worked. The next couple games I did the same thing.

And I just fought till the end, because physically I wasn't feeling too well. Yeah, I fought till the end. I managed to pull through.

Q. I know Genie had a breakthrough, obviously a big one. Denis talked about how he had hopes for your generation, Tennis Canada, and promoting the sport in Canada. What are your thoughts for that? What do you hope this victory does for Tennis Canada?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: For sure. Everyone's victory in Canada gives each one of us motivation and inspiration to also do well. If they can do it, we can.

I think this win will definitely give many people confidence, young athletes, maybe aspiring athletes also. And I'm just 18, so, yeah, if I can do it, they can. Yeah.

Q. Have you finished high school technically or not?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: No, I'm actually behind a year. I'm doing online. I'm on that. But it's hard because after practice that's the last thing I want to do. I'm just so tired.

But I believe knowledge is power, so I'm trying my best to finish it. And hopefully maybe in the future I could take some courses online during my career to keep my mind going.

Q. At what point did you realize that the crowd had totally adopted you?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: I wasn't really focusing on that, but I did hear my name quite a lot, which is great to hear.

The crowd, not just today but throughout my last couple of matches, have been very supportive. I saw both the Romanian and the Canadian flag. I devote a lot of my success to them.

Q. What did you say in Romanian at the end of your speech?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: I said, Thank you, guys, for being with me. I love you.

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