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March 17, 2019

John Beilein

United Center - Chicago, Illinois

Michigan State 65, Michigan 60

COACH JOHN BEILEIN: Congratulations to Michigan State. They played a terrific game, and just really made some plays that we could not make. I don't recall them taking a bad shot the entire game. That's really important. If you're going to win basketball games, you've got to minimize turnovers and you've got to minimize bad shots and just make good decisions. They did a great job with it. I'm proud of the way our guys played. Obviously they have got a lot of things to learn but they are really a tough matchup for us. They are just a bad matchup for us. It's really difficult to play, and so they got us again. We've had three games with them and we've led in the second half three games, but in the things that really matter at times throughout the whole game, they beat us in some of those intangibles and they win.

Q. What do you say to your team after a game like that? They fought so hard.
COACH JOHN BEILEIN: Yeah, we did. I tell you, you're going to play at this level, you talk about being champions. There's 12 Big Ten teams home, right. There's 12 of them home. You play for a championship, it gets to this point that -- I'm proud of them, we fight hard, but winning takes just about everything, winning at this level. You can win games. To win championships, you have to really do most of the right things. You're not ever going to have a game of perfection. We've got to learn from it, and hopefully we'll learn from it so that we go to the NCAA Tournament, we can play for a while in March again. If we don't, we'll be done. That's it. I'm really proud of them, though.

And how many wins, 28 wins, right? We lost four pretty good players from last year, that took us to the Final Four and now all of a sudden, we're not a new team, but we're not an experienced team in playing games like this. So we'll be more experienced next year.

Q. What can you take from this game that will help take you guys you deep into March?
COACH JOHN BEILEIN: I think it's really important every time down the court, you've got to get a good shot, right. Only shot clock situation would be the time it would be questioned. We wasted some possessions on offense and we can't do that. It's been a problem in any of our losses and we just have to learn from them. It's a problem in most teams' losses. You're playing a team like Michigan State who played so efficient, right? They are tough to beat if you waste any possessions.

Q. What was Jordan's plan there with six seconds left?
COACH JOHN BEILEIN: I think they still had two fouls to give, so he thought maybe he could draw a foul.

Q. Initial thoughts on your NCAA Tournament matchup?
COACH JOHN BEILEIN: It's Montana again. It the Grizzlies again. They have got a terrific program to go and win all these games, win the championship. Anybody that's playing in the conferences that they play in, and you win a championship, you're playing usually more road games than home, overall. You've got to be a heck of a team, and they were last year. They got on us 10-0 last year, right, for a team that went to the Final Four. That was the only team until we got to -- for the rest of the tournament, nobody took us out 10-0 to start a game. So they have a really good team. We're going to have be to be really sharp. We're going to have to play. I enjoyed winning last year against them. I did not enjoy playing against them. They have got a heck of a coach, a heck of a team.

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