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March 10, 2005

Davis Love III

Denny Remsing


Q. How was the round?

DAVIS LOVE III: It was okay. I hit a couple bad drives. You know, it was pretty windy, so it was hard to slow down. I got a little quick at times, but overall I played all right and happy to get it in under par.

Q. What effect do you think the rain had on the course today?

DAVIS LOVE III: The greens were softer than normal. It played a little longer, but I think really the big thing was the wind. It was tough especially it seemed like every hole was into the wind somehow, and we played a lot of them that we were long irons and the par 5s played long. So Chad is shooting a heck of a score and it's playing pretty tough.

Q. How low do you think you can go if the conditions stay the same?

DAVIS LOVE III: There's only really one good score so far this morning. If the wind calms done the scores, will definitely get better.

Q. Chad is one of those guys that people don't know how good of a player he is?

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, we always tease him about that Sports Illustrated cover, "The Next Big Thing." He is very, very talented and probably very underrated. But when he gets on a roll, you know, he plays very, very well. He's one of those feel/touch kind of players when he gets in a rhythm, he can make more birdies than anybody when he's playing good.

Q. How is he personality-wise?

DAVIS LOVE III: He's pretty easygoing and maybe he needs to get a little more comfortable with being around out here, but I think he's one of the quieter guys that's actually a lot of fun that's harder to get to know. A great guy and a lot of confidence and a lot of desire. I see a lot of that underlying, hidden desire. He really wants to be at the top.

Q. Maybe it's no surprise to see Chad at the top, but to see him at 8-under when nobody else is at 3. How surprising is that?

DAVIS LOVE III: We were joking that maybe they let him off on the other course somehow. (Laughter.) But you know, that's the way he goes. When he gets on a roll he can really go, but it's really surprising today. I felt like if you were 3- or 4-under par today you were going to be in good shape. He's doubling that, so he's going to give himself a nice cushion to start off with.

Q. Davis Love and Denny Remsing, also, and some exciting news, Acura has made a significant movement towards having Davis Love as their spokesperson. First, let me begin with you, Davis. I know you're excited about the prospects.

DAVIS LOVE III: I'm very excited. Honda and Acura have been great sponsors of the PGA TOUR and they have been very good to me playing in the Honda Classic for years. You know Acura is a brand that fits in well with the people that I represent, and I've always looked more towards the brand and the company and the people behind it than the dollars behind it. This is, you know, a good move for me and hopefully it will be a good move for them. I'll get a lot of great exposure and get affiliated with a great brand. It's nothing but good for me and for my future.

Q. So many professionals that you could choose from, but the standard set by Davis Love kind of made it a natural fit for Acura?

DENNY REMSING: Absolutely. He's a perfect guy at a perfect time for Acura. He embodies all of the things that we admire and respect, and he's got a lot of ethical standards going for him and he's principled and he's a high performer and he's a winner, and these are all of the things we want Acura to stand for.

Q. Davis Love, he plays golf powerfully and does it with class, and basically, that's what an Acura is.

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, definitely. And again, being affiliated with a brand like that, it certainly makes me look good so hopefully I can live up to their standards and carry on their tradition.

They have a long tradition out here on the PGA TOUR and they have been good to us, and hopefully we can have some fun with many ads and hopefully sell more cars.

Q. Has Acura been involved in sports at all?

DENNY REMSING: No, never directly.

Q. So this is really new?

DENNY REMSING: They have the tennis tournament they sponsor out at La Costa every summer, and that's about it, but big-time sports, no.

Q. This is a new kind of move for them.

DENNY REMSING: Exactly. All of the products are now very, very competitive and luxury brands and golf go together pretty good. So we thought it would be a good time to associate ourselves with a guy the caliber of Davis Love because he represents all of the things that we want the Acura brand to stand for: He's ethical, he's principled, he's a top performer and he's a winner.

End of FastScripts.

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