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March 26, 2005

Davis Love III


Q. Make a comment about your round today.

DAVIS LOVE III: The biggest comment is I'm obviously glad to be done with the 2nd round and not have to wonder if that dark cloud is going to come in or not, and I can relax a little bit this afternoon.

I'm obviously happy with the way I played today. I missed a few fairways today, missed a few yesterday, and I think you've got to hit fairways. You see guys like Fred Funk or guys like Bob Tway that generally hit the ball straight are scoring well.

I felt like I did pretty good, except for a few drives on both days, and I'm putting good. I'm happy with my position, I just hope we get to play some tomorrow.

Q. Is the course as soft as you've ever seen it?

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, it's I wouldn't want to be Fred Klauk right now or anybody on his staff working 24 hours a day. But, yeah, it's unfortunate, living in the area, it's been miserable. It's just rained and rained and rained. And I've never seen any of the golf courses around here so wet. If we couldn't play lift, clean and place, this tournament would probably be over. And I know they don't want to do it in a big tournament like this, but we've done it in just about every tournament we play, even The Masters. I'm glad they made the decision.

There's probably a couple of guys happy and a couple of guys disappointed that they washed a few holes out. But all in all, I think in the end it was the only decision you could make so we could get it finished.

Q. Do you have an opinion on moving the tournament?

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, as long as we guarantee it doesn't rain in May. No, I think it would be good. I've always like it's been brought up every four or five years since I've been on Tour, give us one major every month there for a stretch of five months and it would make a lot of sense.

You need warm weather. This year, you know, they would be worried about the Bermudagrass for May. In a normal year the golf courses are great in May. They're dry and fast and firm. We would have to, as a Tour, the staff and the players, would have to make some decisions about the golf course. It would look different when we came here in May; it would be browner and faster, I think more probably the way Pete designed it to play. And that might not be a good thing for us, but it might make the course play tougher.

Q. Is the Bermuda all grown in by the middle of May?

DAVIS LOVE III: It should be. All through Florida, every tournament they've complained about not enough Bermudagrass, too much ryegrass, too much rain, too cold. This time in May may not be as good as you want, but in an average year it would be okay.

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