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March 16, 2019

Jon Rahm

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Jon, that was one heck of a round of golf. How does it feel? You really had it rolling out there. You were on a serious roll.
JON RAHM: Yeah, I think I've beat my third-round average by about 10 or 12 strokes. It feels great, honestly. Once I hit the shot on 10 -- made the turn and hit the shots I did on 10 and 11, I knew I could post a number. I was hitting my irons very, very well, very confident. I think the key part today was 14 and 15. I didn't let the frustrations get to me. Stayed a shot at a time, stayed in the present and what I had to do next, and I was able to come back with two great pars before I finished strong.

Q. No. 11, you had 242 and hit that up there to three feet on that par-5. Talk about that shot because that was really something.
JON RAHM: So I do meters, so excuse me. So 250 meters to get over the bunker to the edge of the green. So that's 235, right? With the breeze that we had, it was about a perfect stock 4-iron. If I hit a stock 4-iron the way I do on a little bit of an up slope, it should be a perfect number to hit to the edge, and I hit it really, really solid, exactly how I wanted it, really high, started at the pin, fell left, fell a little right and landed right on the middle of the green and trickled to two feet. It's not what you're expecting, honestly. You're like, if I hit it to 10 feet, it's unbelievable. Anything inside 30 feet, it's mind-blowing. You'll take it. I wasn't even looking, I saw the crowd cheering, I saw the ball trickled to two feet. It's very unusual.

Q. Tomorrow the weather is going to be a little rough. What do you think?
JON RAHM: You know, with the changes, we don't know. Stay patient. We'll hope the best for the weather. I know somebody is going to come out and post a score like they've been doing the last few years. Tiger last year had a great round early on, so I know I'm going to have to come out, and whether I'm the leader or not, I'm going to have to shoot something under par and play a good round of golf like I've been doing so far.

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