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March 14, 2019

Dominic Thiem

Indian Wells, California

D. THIEM/G. Monfils

7-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. If you were building an ATP soccer team, what are your three top drafts and why?
DOMINIC THIEM: Well, I'm happy with my team, but if you get me three free drafts, I would get Bautista. I hear that he played all his childhood and youth in Villarreal. I never saw him playing, but I heard that he's the best out of the football players.

Then I would get Rafa for the wing, because for sure he's amazing football player.

And, who else? I'll get Dzumhur. I play with him. Really quick and good guy.

Q. How tough was that for you tonight and how did you find out? What are your thoughts on the situation?
DOMINIC THIEM: Well, I was really surprised, because I was there at the golf cart waiting for 10, 15 minutes. And of course obviously then after 10, 15 minutes, I was suspecting something, because it's not normal.

Then I wanted to go back to the restroom, and then Gaƫl came to me, and, yeah, said that he hurt his knee, I think, in the warmup.

Yeah, I mean, I'm really sorry for him. Obviously we are both playing well here. He's having a great season. I'm picking up my form again. So I think it would have been very tough but also very fun match for us, for the crowd.

So it's a pity, but, well, I mean, it's almost in every big tournament like this that at one point one match cannot be played because of one guy's injured. It's sad, but, yeah, I have to take it.

Q. You have a lot of weapons in your game. Right now what's working the best for you?
DOMINIC THIEM: Well, I mean, I'm happy that I'm playing well in general again. Like, three weeks ago in Rio I was saying that nothing works. Now everything is working pretty well.

Because like I said already, I had 11, 12 very good days here for practicing, and also to get back my physical shape, because I was out of it. I was ill. I was doing two weeks nothing after Australia. So my fitness was completely down. I got it up again, and with that I started to move better again, get the feeling back for my strokes.

Obviously the first three matches were very good. I hope I can keep it up tomorrow with good practice and then on Saturday.

Q. Do you have any desire to play 2020 Tokyo Olympics?
DOMINIC THIEM: Well, it's very far away still. I really like Tokyo as a city. I love it. I will be back there for sure. But I don't know yet if for the tournament or for the Olympics.

Q. Just on the next match against Raonic, you have played him twice before. He's won both those matches in straight sets, but you haven't played since 2016. He's been playing pretty well. He's served well, especially today. How do you take on that serve? How do you give yourself a chance to get to the final here?
DOMINIC THIEM: He's also very difficult to play, because he's also good from the baseline. Moves not bad. So gonna be -- try similar like yesterday against Karlovic to take care of my serve. I tried this, to get through my serves well.

Then of course there are going to be many games where I will have zero chance on his serve. But maybe once a set or once a match just going to open up a chance and then I try to be focused.

But in general going to be very difficult, because he's playing very well again, and his serve is always one of the best.

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