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March 15, 2019

Eric Musselman

Tre'Shawn Thurman

Las Vegas, Nevada

San Diego State - 65, Nevada - 56

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Nevada head coach Eric Musselman and student-athlete Tre'Shawn Thurman. Coach, an opening statement.

COACH MUSSELMAN: Give San Diego State a ton of credit. I thought they played really well. Devin Watson had a really good game for them offensively. Having said all that, really, really proud of our team's effort. I thought we played as hard as we played all season long.

Difficult, obviously, when Caleb gets into foul trouble in the first half. But having said that, I thought we battled. I thought we played hard. So we just get ready for the next step and see what happens on Sunday.


Q. What was going on with Jordan Caroline?
COACH MUSSELMAN: Jordan Caroline was held out tonight for precautionary reasons. It's been a long season. He's got a lingering injury and that's what it is.

Q. What do you attribute to San Diego State defensively to hold you only to 56 points and 6-of-24 from 3?
COACH MUSSELMAN: I had two all-league players not play in the first half. So I think if you took any team in this league and took two all-league players off the floor. I don't think the game have as close as it was. I thought or effort was phenomenal.

Q. Selection Sunday, what would be your message to committee room after what you guys have accomplished this season, 29-4, as to why you guys deserve a solid seating, I guess?
COACH MUSSELMAN: I think our record speaks for itself, the body of work in non-conference, conference play. Unfortunately, we weren't fully healthy tonight and we will be going forward. And so, you know, that's it.

Q. Was Caroline able to play tonight, or if this was an NCAA Tournament game, would he have played? What was the thinking behind holding him out?
COACH MUSSELMAN: I can't really answer that. I told you guys what the situation is. And so he's day to day.

Q. Tre'Shawn, you guys were able to bounce back. Last year you weren't on that team, but you were in the same situation where you lost in the semifinals of the Mountain West, and they were able to come back and win two games in the NCAA Tournament. I guess what's the focus of the team now? I know it's hard to answer this right now, but trying to regroup and making another run in the NCAA Tournament?
TRE'SHAWN THURMAN: Like Coach said, we'll just wait for Sunday. But right now our goal was to come down here and cut down nets. So I'm not really thinking about Sunday right now. We lost. And we didn't plan on losing a game coming down here.

Q. You guys come back from 13 down. You take the lead. They're kind of a mess. They're turning the ball over. They're not getting good shots. What changed there in the last five minutes? What were they able to do? What did you guys stop doing?
TRE'SHAWN THURMAN: It's really just a blur. I thought both teams were fighting. A shot went in for them, one or two, and one or two didn't for us. And that was part of the game right there.

Came down to the last minute. Both teams were fighting hard. They just happened to make a couple more shots than us at the last minute.


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