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March 15, 2019

Phil Martelli

Charles Brown, Jr.

Chris Clover

Washington, D.C.

Davidson 70, Saint Joseph's 60

COACH PHIL MARTELLI: The people that regularly follow know it's always the same with me. It's a numeric game, and it's not shooting percentages, but it's the other numbers. The numbers scream at you.

So we had 11 turnovers; we just don't turn the ball over like that. And they had 17 offensive rebounds; they don't offensive rebound like that.

So those two numbers, in kind of, you know, that was a grinding game. It was just a little bit rough around the edges and unfortunately, like just those couple of plays, I think it was 60-60, we got caught in a switch. Then they had an offensive rebound, I think when it was three, and then they had an offensive rebound in the last stretch of time.

These guys were really tight over this stretch of time, and they just talked about playing till your exhausted and that's what I think every guy that played for us played till they were exhausted. Just didn't play well enough.

Q. You talk about playing basically a full 40 minutes right to the end. Do you feel like you gave -- and this is for both Charlie and Chris. Do you feel like you game this Davidson team everything you could handle or everything you could give them?
CHRIS CLOVER: Yes, definitely. Everyone went out there and played hard. They gave it their all, and we just wasn't good enough today.

CHARLES BROWN, JR.: I mean, this group of guys, we gave everything we had every day. I mean, whether it's practice, film, walk-throughs, anything like that, we's all in or none at all. It's kind of tough losing, but we gave it all. We gave it all we had, so yeah.

Q. For both of you, for Chris, it seemed like in the second half, you found a little bit of a path to the basket as a team. Was that kind of what you were trying to emphasize?
CHRIS CLOVER: Yes, definitely, getting downhill on some of the guys that had slow feet; so we wanted to attack them and get to the rim and try to get foul calls. That was kind of the game plan going into the second half.

Q. Flipside, obviously, 2-for-19 on threes, it was that kind of game. Do you give credit to them on that or just wasn't falling?
CHARLES BROWN, JR.: To be honest, I think it plays both parts. I think we missed shots and they are a great defensive team.

Q. Coach mentioned last night that you would probably be going up against an NBA backcourt with Kellan and Jon Axel. What is your take on these two? I guess that's really the question to ask.
CHARLES BROWN, JR.: I mean, they are two great players. Great at what they do. I don't know what to say -- emotional.

CHRIS CLOVER: Like Charlie said, they are two great players and showed up tonight and did what they was supposed to do and got the win. We did what we could against them. We tried to limit Grady and GUDMUNDSSON but they were a little too much for us tonight, but we definitely gave it our all and did what we could.

Q. Coming into this game, obviously you knew this was a short rest before you got ready for a tough team. What were some of the highs and I guess what were some of the lows? I know you mentioned the three point shooting was probably the throw, as well as the rebounding, but do you still feel like the foul shooting was one of the highs, I guess?
COACH PHIL MARTELLI: No. I actually think the high for us in the game was we started out the second half slow. They back-cut us. We turned the ball over inbounding the ball to start the half. Then they back-cut us. They had three lay-ups. That was on top of the two lay-ups to finish the half. We took a time-out.

We were down seven, and that would be the time when fatigue could enter in and all of the sudden we're breaking balls loose. We created a lot of -- we created a lot with defensive hands, and then we went too fast. It's not a game for the fast; it's a game for the quick, and we had a couple of transition plays that were not fulfilled. And I think in at least two of the cases, had the ball going in the basket; that would have given us the lead, but unfortunately we didn't -- we didn't do that.

You know, I'll go back and look, and I'm wondering if the offensive rebounds had anything to do with just that beat off. We had a sharp day. We did our scouting report at nine o'clock. We did our walk through at one o'clock. We came to the building. I thought -- I'm always looking at body language, and I thought we would be ready to compete. We just weren't -- we just weren't good enough for 40 minutes. We were good for a long stretch of time but not for 40 minutes.

Q. Did it seem like in the first half the guys had a quickness advantage and were trying to take it to them a little bit?
COACH PHIL MARTELLI: Well, we always wanted to play at them, and not around them. Because their shot challenges on 3-pointers are exceptional. They play with very high hands, not 2 for 19, but we wanted to play downhill as much as we could, and we didn't have the balance. You know, like we didn't get everything across the board.

I think at halftime we had four guys that had scored. We only had four bench points, not from lack of trying. We didn't have the pop in the first half.

I think we came out, started the game 9-2, had a good feel there. But then we went a long stretch there and the ball didn't go in, and that's been the case for us all year. When the ball doesn't go in, we have a tendency to just think, well, the next jumper, when really it's the next penetration. We wanted to try to touch the paint as much as we could and find our teammates from there.

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