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March 15, 2019

Russell Knox

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. You have the capability to not let a couple of -- the finish ruin an overall good day?
RUSSELL KNOX: Well, I hope so. I hope so, for my case this weekend. No, I've obviously done this a long time now, and I've finished horribly in the past and come back well. Yeah, I've got to find a way obviously to focus on all the good stuff today, though, and not the ending.

But really, there was only really one bad shot and a missed putt. Really wasn't that bad.

Q. So you've got to stay focused on the big picture and know you're right there heading into the weekend?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, exactly. If you would have said to me teeing off I would shoot 4-under, I probably would have said yes. I mean, yes, it was good. I mean, it was really good at times today, which is nice. But I mean, I did actually get lucky a few times, though. I hit some bad tee shots I got away with. Golf always pays you back, and maybe I deserved that finish.

Q. Do you like the idea that the weather is going to turn a little bit over the weekend?
RUSSELL KNOX: Absolutely. I want it horrible. I mean, that plays to my advantage, I think. So I mean, it's going to come out of the north, which a lot of people are saying it plays harder. But I think I'm going to like that wind, to be honest. I think I'll like this course even better with that wind. Let's hope so.

Q. This tournament means a lot to you in terms of its location.
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, absolutely. I've lived in the Jacksonville area now for a good 14, 15 years, went to school here at Jacksonville University, have a bunch of friends and family out from the area. No, it does mean a lot to me, this. It means a lot to everyone, but getting to sleep in your own bed and to have a bunch of people out following you and supporting you is super nice. But at the same time, it doesn't add any pressure. I mean, I love that feeling. But yeah, getting to go home now and do the dishes kind of sucks.

Q. You've had two wins on the PGA TOUR; does being from this area add pressure to that, or do you rely on the two victories for something positive going into this weekend?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I'm proud of my two victories, plus the Irish Open is just as big as my PGA TOUR win, so three massive tournaments I've won. I mean, I pat myself on the back every day. It's hard to win a PGA TOUR event or any event in the world. I mean, it's only -- it can only help. I've beaten all these boys before, so it shouldn't be a shock that I'm up there.

Q. You made nine straight cuts coming in, and you were talking to these guys about trying to put away the end of your round today. You've also got to look at 11 birdies on your card through two days. That's a lot of positives.
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, a lot of times I feel like I can birdie every hole. I've just got to find a way when I'm slightly uncomfortable there, say when I'm there on 18, I've got to find a better way to get it in the fairway. But yeah, there's been loads of positives. I've drove the ball very well. My irons have been as solid as ever, and today I holed some putts. Yesterday I putted horrendous, but today was much better. I hopefully can build on that the next couple days.

Q. By definition this isn't a major. Would this be a major to win here in front of all these people?
RUSSELL KNOX: I mean, every tournament is a major to me. Any one is life-changing to win. This would be amazing, obviously, being hometown, but obviously we've got a million miles to go yet. I mean, I'm just -- like my caddie Dave tells me, he's like, we're just rolling the snowball, and one day it's going to be a snowman. That's the way I'm kind of approaching my game right now. I'm just building -- it's not about this week, it's about down the road. I'm just trying to get better at golf.

Q. You're the second JU guy to ever qualify for this tournament, Donny Hamlin was first. Have you ever met Donny?
RUSSELL KNOX: I have, yeah, legend. He was a big inspiration for me. Obviously at JU I knew that he had played the TOUR, so obviously it was a big -- that's everyone's goal, so when I got to meet him, I was like, fellow Dolphin legend.

Q. A little bumpy coming in there, but for the most part you had a great day.
RUSSELL KNOX: I did, yeah. Obviously to finish bogey-bogey sucks, but I have to find a way to remember the good stuff. Even my shot into 17 I hit it exactly where I wanted to. I know that putt up the hill was actually a little quick. Three-putt there, and then just a very uncommitted tee shot on the last hole. There was a lot of good stuff today, so I have to take all the positives.

Q. You're a local now, been living here for several years since you went to college here in the area, in Jacksonville. Do you feel that pressure of it being a home event, or do you feel quite at home?
RUSSELL KNOX: It's amazing to get to sleep in your own bed in a tournament. I mean, I have a lot of friends and family from Jacksonville University and from the area around here supporting me. I mean, it's amazing to feel all that support. I've not made the weekend the last couple years, so it's nice to get to play the weekend this year and hopefully do a lot better.

Q. Did you feel like you had a leg up coming into this week, maybe getting a little more play on this course with this new change in season to March?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I've played a few times over the wintertime. I don't play here as much as I probably should. But no, obviously I'm liking it being in March rather than May. This is as good as I've done probably through two rounds. But no, the course is a joy to play. It's in perfect condition, and it was nice to see a few putts drop today.

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