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March 15, 2019

Keith Mitchell

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Talk about the eagle on 12 and your strategy on that hole.
KEITH MITCHELL: Today was a perfect number. Hit a 3-wood a little down off the right so you can actually aim it at the right bunker, and just hit a straight shot and let the wind take it to flag, so we did that and hit a perfect one, and it looked look it rolled out. We never saw it by the flag, but when it was 15, 20 feet past the hole I was very, very pleased.

Q. And your strategy?
KEITH MITCHELL: Yeah, if it's a good number we'll go for it. If the flag is in the front and the wind is in off the left, we'll definitely lay up. I think that's one of the only times to do that because it's -- you don't really want to start a ball out over the water and fading across the green. And then if you lay up, the second shot will be straight into the wind so it be easier to hold the green. So if the flag is front right and the wind is in out of the left, which there very well chance could be, we'll definitely probably lay up.

Q. Curious how much gas you have left in the tank after these past couple weeks.
KEITH MITCHELL: I thought on Saturday at the Arnold Palmer I ran out, but apparently I found a reserve tank somewhere, so I played great that Sunday and I got to go home for a night before I came down here up in Sea Island, just because it's so close. And I felt good out there today. I'm definitely a little tired, but that's -- I get to sleep in tomorrow and have a decently late tee time, so two more days and we'll see what we can do.

Q. What's kind of behind this recent stretch you've had?
KEITH MITCHELL: A couple things; my putter's definitely better, more confident on the greens with Bermuda greens. It's a big difference for me. It's a lot more comfort in my reads and my speed. That's really it. I felt like I was playing okay in the West Coast, but never got anything going. It's a little bit easier to have some patience out here this week when you know that you've already got a victory under your belt and you got a lot of tournaments coming up.

Q. You're playing this whole stretch; seems like you're -- do you just want to keep playing?
KEITH MITCHELL: I just think when you're playing good you want to keep rolling. I'm going to have plenty of times I'm not playing good and it usually goes in stretches, so we're playing good and we want to keep playing as much as we can, and fortunately we got a bunch of big tournaments this time of year and so hopefully I can just keep going.

Q. Who I heard a lot of Tommy comments about his hair; who has better hair, Tommy or Pete?
KEITH MITCHELL: Tommy has definitely more product in his hair than Pete does. Whether it's conditioner or shampoo or whatever.

Q. Clean?
KEITH MITCHELL: Yeah Pete's hair has definitely been exposed to the elements.

Q. Would you say Pete's got a better beard?
KEITH MITCHELL: Yeah, Pete's beard is definitely better. Tommy's got a little patch on the lower right side I can see when I'm walking next to him. Pete's is full.

Q. Are you working with anyone on your putting?
KEITH MITCHELL: Yeah, I've had Paul Visanko has helped me with my putting for a couple years now. He's at the Scottie Cameron studio, and he's helped me a lot. I wasn't really able to line up very well with some stuff and then finally got a new putter that I was able to line up with, a new TaylorMade Spider, so I kind of -- I mean, I really think it's the greens more than anything, I definitely had a couple changes.

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