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June 1, 2000

Steve Lowery


LEE PATTERSON: Well, tied for fifth last week and you come out roaring again. Couple of thoughts on today and then we'll open up for questions.

STEVE LOWERY: You know, I was a little bit concerned about coming out flat after last week, and playing on Monday, a little tired. And I didn't really play a practice round. I played nine holes. I didn't play the front here. And really, had no expectations, and kind of came out on 10, birdied 10, 11, 13 and 14 right out of the box, and that just kind of got me back into the mode I've been playing the last couple weeks. Just kind of used that momentum to kind of make it all the way.

Q. Talk about No. 6?

STEVE LOWERY: Let's see, drove it perfect and make -- I was getting a little bit too greedy trying to carve a 3-iron around the trees there and blocked it. Didn't hit a very good shot at all. Didn't hit the trees. Almost lost it, but I was lucky somebody over there found it. It was embedded and ended up getting to drop it and knocked it out of the trees up there on the green, and actually had a chance to make birdie. But at the time it was looking like bogeying.

Q. It would have been number 8 for you, newer 17th hole, you hit it right, the second shot right and flopped it up about 12 feet?

STEVE LOWERY: Yeah, I was getting pretty ragged out there at the end. I was hitting some loose shots. Wasn't real pretty. Wasn't hitting a lot of greens here, but my putting just kept me in there.

Q. Did you get all the way around?

STEVE LOWERY: I played really solid on the first nine holes. Shot 31 and there at the end. 6, I hit a bad shot and then. Let's see, 7, I did all right. 8, hit a bad drive, struggled with it; and 9, missed the green. Other than those three holes, those three shots I played pretty solid.

Q. You've had some trouble in the second round here. How do you build on what you did today going into tomorrow?

STEVE LOWERY: I had trouble in what?

Q. The second round here.

STEVE LOWERY: At this tournament? I haven't played here since '95.

Q. Just going through the history, 71 is the best round you've had here -- sorry to that bring that up.

STEVE LOWERY: I don't really think about it. I just don't even think about it. To me it is no factor. You can't win a golf tournament until Sunday. I'm going out there, try to birdie every hole and see what happens.

Q. Did you have any idea you were near the course record? Does that have any bearing?

STEVE LOWERY: Today? What is the course record? 63? No, I didn't. I was trying to play aggressive. 6, I could have easily laid it up. I was just trying to knock on the green and get an eagle. In the first round, you can't win a golf tournament. Just get as far ahead as you can, if possible. I was just trying to make eagle or birdie.

Q. You're probably one of the fewer players to play this course real early back in the late '80s when it was raw, but you haven't been back for five years?

STEVE LOWERY: I don't know. I don't think I've played here since they went to the zoysiagrass to the fairways they have here now. It's just been a while. I really like the golf course. It suits my game well. A good long-hitter's golf course. Just hasn't worked out around the schedule with the U.S. open qualifying. Just hasn't worked out in a while.

Q. Is it the same course or better?

STEVE LOWERY: I think it's a better course. I really do. The golf course is better. I think they have done some good things with the water on 6 and a few things. I think it's a lot better.

Q. You played Monday with Tiger; right?


Q. What was that like?

STEVE LOWERY: A lot of distractions. You know, it was a big day for me. Obviously, it was a big day for him, but I was in second place by myself; it was a big day for me. So I was trying to stay really focused on my game. You know, number one player in the world with a six-shot lead, to be realistic, I didn't think I was going to win the golf tournament. But I wanted to come away with a positive feeling that I had played well, and I did that. I felt good about the way I played. I actually played right there with him and I missed a couple short putts on 17, 18, but other than that I was right with him all day and I felt really good about it.

Q. Your house burned down this year, can you talk about that experience, what happened?

STEVE LOWERY: Yeah, we had -- I was in Tucson last year, and actually I had a chance to win that golf tournament. I think I was tied for the lead at the turn. When I got off the green, Mark Russell, the TOUR official, told me there had been a house fire, my family got out and was okay, but the fire was bad. When I got home, basically everything that I owned was gone. We lost everything. It was a total loss.

Q. Was this in Orlando?

STEVE LOWERY: This was in Orlando. We lived there on the 4th hole at Bay Hill. And we just selected not to rebuild. We moved back to Birmingham where my wife and I grew up. We just sold the lot and moved back home.

Q. What caused that, just bad memories?

STEVE LOWERY: Yeah, spending a long time building a house. I have three young kids. We didn't want to go through the building process again. Once in a lifetime is enough.

Q. What caused it?

STEVE LOWERY: I think it was electrical in the attic. I don't think they really know, but that's basically what it was.

Q. With the distractions playing with Tiger, by contrast, today you're 5-under, in the lead, and I think you have a gallery of about four or five. The scoreboards aren't working; so no one knows where to find you.

STEVE LOWERY: It's a lot different. I mean, you know there was a lot of distractions there Monday, but today I felt, you know, a lot freer. It was a lot easier to play today. There wasn't near as much -- I didn't put near as much pressure on myself today as I did Monday.

Q. Do you feel any carry-over from Monday?

STEVE LOWERY: Actually like I say, I took some positive things away from that. I felt like my game is right there. I've been shooting some slow scores, 66s twice at Memorial; 64-65, I think at Hilton Head and played well in Houston. So, just trying to player carry over momentum and do the things that I need to do, play well. I'm driving the ball better and I'm putting the ball better and seems to be the key. When I drive the ball in play, I seem to be pretty competitive out here.

Q. Not to go into that fire too much, but I wonder if there was anything good or bad that you took away from that? Something you lost and if it really mattered to you? Did you find the things you lost didn't matter to you?

STEVE LOWERY: A lot of things that I lost in the fire that mattered to me. But what I learned was that material things are not that important. It's getting your family out. Those are the things that really matter. We lost a lot of things I could never replace, but, you know, looking back on it, we're very lucky.

Q. Playing on Monday, I guess that scrambled your schedule a little bit. It doesn't seem to affect you --

STEVE LOWERY: Like I said I didn't play a practice round. I played nine holes. Didn't want to wear myself out. Yesterday I wasn't in the Pro-Am, so I had the day off. So basically just trying to rest, make sure I've got enough energy and enthusiasm to play for the four days here that I need to play. It didn't really, you know, throw me off to bad. I actually got on the plane with Ernie when I got done with Memorial and we were here in 45 minutes. So I was kind of resting actually on Monday.

Q. 10-under has won the last three years. Any reason why guys are shooting the lights out today? Good scoring conditions?

STEVE LOWERY: The wind wasn't blowing you know. Funny I was thinking this -- I thought it was an 18-under type golf course. I haven't been here in a while, with the wind. I don't know, I think the wind is going to have to blow to keep the scores down that low. The greens are really good. The fairways are pretty wide; so I think the score will be lower than that this year.

Q. You said that at the end you were hitting some loose shots, is that just fatigue?

STEVE LOWERY: A little bit of fatigue. I think my mind was wandering a little bit. I needed to be focussed and I just wasn't doing it. I think I hit that one shot on 6, and, I don't know, just kind of got side-tracked and just kind of scrambled. Fortunately, short game kept me in there I made some good putts. 8, I was not only in the rough, I was in the right trees, in the wood, out of the right trees, into the right rough; and I hit a flop-shot about 12, 15 feet and made that for par. I was pretty fortunate to get out of a couple holes with pars.

Q. Those last few were dicey putts?

STEVE LOWERY: Yeah, one of those days like you don't even have to line it up. You've got a 12-footer for par on 8, 12-, 15-footer for par on 9, right in the middle, I don't know. 10, I hit 3-wood, 9-iron about 12 feet. 11, I hit 7-iron about ten feet. 13, I went for it in two and chipped it down there about two feet. 14, I hit 3-wood up there by the green and chipped it up there about six feet. 16, I 3-putted. 18, I hit 7-iron to about ten feet. Number 1, I hit an 8-iron kind of backed up down there about eight feet. 3, the par three, I hit a good shot there. I hit 4-iron in there probably about, I don't know, 15 feet. 5 was a short hole. I hit driver and a sand wedge about eight feet.

Q. Does it have any bearing starting on the back nine?

STEVE LOWERY: You know, I don't know. All I can say, conditions were perfect. I don't think it would have mattered. There wasn't any wind. I thought there was some tough pin placements. 11 was tough, 12 was back-right, 13. I was making birdies on some of these holes and there was some hard spin on the green. I was getting -- I was pretty fortunate.

Q. There have been times when there's been a lot of poa on the greens. Are they good putting greens?

STEVE LOWERY: Yeah there's a lot of poa annua in them, but I think they keep them down. Maybe, like I said, an early tee time, they have just been mowed and they were smooth. Maybe later in the day it might get a bumpier. I'm sure I'll find out tomorrow afternoon.

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