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March 14, 2019

Tim Miles


Nebraska - 69, Maryland - 61

TIM MILES: Well, I thought it was a great effort by the Huskers, and the kids really came out and established, I thought, very good defense and rebounding, very solid defense and rebounding, and then we got some offense going later in the first half, and then just kept going the second half and then kind of held on at the end. But Maryland plays really hard. Mark, I think, has an excellent defensive team especially. I thought we did a good job on Bruno, and we needed to.

Q. Tim, you're constantly running with seven players throughout the course of the game. How do you keep doing it, and what's your philosophy as you move forward in this tournament?
TIM MILES: Well, yeah, we are who we are, not who we not are, you know, and I don't know that Thomas is ready yet. I think he's still maybe in the next week before Thomas Allen is ready. So we're just -- we're trying to put players out there. We know it'll get a little crooked sometimes, but the kids are -- I think what's cool, and I've said this before, is that the walk-ons, okay, they come in -- they're in the bench last year, right, and they're just playing as hard as they can for the team, and the guys like James Palmer is an all-league guy, Isaiah Roby, Glynn Watson, they accept them. They don't look at me and evaluate me, they just accept them, like okay, this is what you can -- and they play off each other that way. Not every team is like that. And so I think that says a lot about our young guys, and that's really important. You wouldn't win otherwise. A lot of teams would just say, we've got seven guys, there's no way, and they'd quit. Not just say I quit, but they just wouldn't do those things. So I think that is probably that mentality is the thing I'm most proud of.

Q. How big was the 16-minute timeout, getting that second chance? It seemed like you guys were sort of teetering and then you scored those five points.
TIM MILES: Yeah, there's no doubt Maryland was on the attack and we weren't able to slow them down. You know, any time you get an extra possession like that and you're able to run a little more clock, it's like a running game, right, and I think that was huge. The plays that James and Hon made, even Isaiah Roby, were really huge, and the defense they played was great, too, but that was a key moment, and then James made some really difficult shots.

Q. What was the game plan for Bruno coming in, and how were you able to take him out of the game?
TIM MILES: Yeah, we just wanted to aggravate him as much as possible, just make him play in a crowd, send different guys at him, whatever it took. And then you really run some risk. I always worry about Anthony Cowan, too, going off the way he can, but we had to get to Bruno, and we did. You don't beat Maryland without trying to neutralize those two big kids.

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