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March 14, 2019

Ryan Moore

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Memorable round, 5-under 67, hole-in-one on 17. Just get some thoughts on your day.
RYAN MOORE: It was a nice day of golf, really. Hit a lot of good shots and obviously the highlight was the ace on 17, but overall it was just a really good round of golf and kind of felt like I've been close lately so it was nice to kind of made some putts that I hadn't been making. Rolled in a cup 30-footers which around this golf course is always a nice bonus. So but that ace on 17 was pretty unbelievable. It was one of those shots, I hit it as good as I could, and at least it was like it was a good golf shot. I was watching it and just in my head I was watching it the whole time thinking, well that's got to be the right yardage like I hit it perfect, it was kind of the edge of where I could get that club to and it was coming down and I heard it clink and the funny thing is the group right before me, we were walking up 16 I think it was Grillo hit the pin about two inches above the cup and bounced almost went back in the water. So I heard mine clink and I was just waiting to go see where the ball went and then no ball showed up. So then from there obviously we got excited and couldn't have a more amazing hole to have an ace on, obviously one of the most iconic holes in golf and, yeah, it was just fun.

Q. What club was it?
RYAN MOORE: It was a 54 degree sand wedge.

Q. 121?
RYAN MOORE: Yeah, I think it was 120. It was pretty straight down wind at that point or a little off the right, but quite a bit down. That's a, out here, that's a 110, 112 club for me, so I figured there was quite a bit of help up there, it was kind of picking up pretty good at that point, so apparently I guessed right.

Q. What's your history on that hole outside of today?
RYAN MOORE: I have no idea. It's one I'm always happy to walk off with a three, I know that. I have certainly made some birdies, I've definitely hit it in the water a few times, but at this point who hasn't, after playing here forgot to be almost like my 12th time or so playing this event. So I would say that I've played it respectably at this point, like I played it all right, but can't play it any better than today.

Q. Are you tuned in to how crazy the crowds were or do you immediately go into like state of shock?
RYAN MOORE: You know, my caddie ran over -- he kind of reacted to it like he thought it went in right away and I wasn't necessarily sure. I was waiting to try and find the ball on the green and I didn't see it, after I kind of heard it hit the pin. So he kind of ran over and like grabbed me and like, I don't know, I think he gave me a hug or something. And then the crowd kind of went crazy because I didn't think they knew because again the group in front of me someone else hit the pin and the ball bounced off and almost went in the water and I think they were kind of weren't sure it went in either until we kind of reacted that way and then everybody kind of got pretty excited and it was a fun seen.

Q. When did you know it was in?
RYAN MOORE: A couple seconds after I heard it hit the pin and couldn't find the ball, then I kind of threw the club and hands in the air and all that good stuff.

Q. How many hole in ones have you had in competition on TOUR?
RYAN MOORE: I think that's my fifth on TOUR.

Q. When was the last?
RYAN MOORE: The last one was at Riviera a couple years ago on 16, maybe three years ago. But I made one on No. 16 at Augusta on Sunday, one year. I made one on 17 -- apparently I like 16 and 17 -- I made one on 17 at Innisbrook one year. And then Bay Hill number 7 I made it on that one too.

Q. Ever make one on 17 at Augusta?
RYAN MOORE: Well I wish I could make one on 17 there. Save me about three shots every time I play that hole.

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