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March 14, 2019

Charles Howell III

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Well you can make eagle, we know that.
CHARLES HOWELL III: Yeah, the one on 4 I would have taken a par and run to the next tee. Made a 2. So that's a welcome to golf.

Q. What did you hit in on there?
CHARLES HOWELL III: 52-degree wedge from 107. But that will never happen again. So I can assure you.

Q. Why is that?
CHARLES HOWELL III: Holing out from a fairway bunker on that hole, no, that will never happen again. I used that up, so that's done. I did it and it's over. Yes.

Q. What did you hit into 16?
CHARLES HOWELL III: 4-iron. So I hit a good drive there. I had 203 to the front, and at that point, man, the wind was whipping straight in, but yeah, the one on 16 was really nice. At that point in the round, especially knowing 17 and 18 are coming up, it's nice to get something on 16 before you play those holes.

Q. Is success at a course like Sea Island and this one in any way related? Is there anything similar, the wind, anything at all?
CHARLES HOWELL III: They have got 18 holes on them. No, I wish. I never played great here. I've showed up a lot, but I've never had like a full great week here. I played good last year for a few of the days of the tournament, but I just need to keep playing this golf course and keep finding out how to play it better than I have in the past, and off the tee is everything for this place. If you drive the ball good here, you can play it. If you get out of position, it just makes you look foolish.

I'm sure the wind's going to blow again tomorrow and then it's going to change on the weekend out of the northeast, which is I think the more difficult of the winds around here, so you'll -- it has its teeth in it.

Q. Do you like it better this time of year with the grass that they have out there?
CHARLES HOWELL III: No, I'm a May guy, which I think I'm in the minority on that from the people I've talked to and listened to. But I was -- I've played it both. I played it a bunch in March and I played it in May, and I think the golf course in May, it gets firmer, it gets faster, you can have just enough of the Bermuda rough to catch jumpers and all that. But, yeah, I was a May guy, but like I said, I think I'm in the minority on that one.

Q. How do you approach things mentally here when the memory bank is potentially not as full as you would like it to be?
CHARLES HOWELL III: Well, I'm getting older now so my memory is getting shorter and worse, so I think that's helping it. No, you just play a bunch of practice rounds, come up here the odd time throughout the year and play, and just keep playing the golf course.

Listen, it's nice to go to events where you can draw on good memories, but at this place you just got to keep figuring it out and keep fighting and keep doing it.

Q. Did the wind change dramatically from when you started to when you finished?
CHARLES HOWELL III: No, but it changed dramatically from Tuesday to today, yes, obviously total opposite, so it flipped all the way around. But, no, throughout the day, I mean, it was a little calmer when we started early this morning but it picked up pretty good and stayed out of the southeast all day.

Q. Right now it's kind of more like a May wind.
CHARLES HOWELL III: Correct. Now it is, yes. Correct. Today and tomorrow. Which obviously will change on the weekend. But, yeah, today and tomorrow will be much more of a May wind, yes.

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