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March 14, 2019

Brian Harman

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. So you missed five of your last seven cuts. What went well for you today that hasn't gone well for awhile?
BRIAN HARMAN: Well, I haven't been playing that bad. I've just been kind of on the wrong side of everything and haven't been handling it particularly well. I just got off to a bad start this year, but I just got to kind of dig it out of the dirt and I've been working really hard, so I was playing really well coming in early in the week, so I'm glad at least it carried over to today.

Q. A little bit surprising that the conditions might have been a little more sedate today than the previous March?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, but the wind's still coming out of the east. It usually comes out of the west in May, so like 17's usually down off the left, today it's down off the right. 16's a little easier when it's kind of in off the right, now it's in off the left. So it's still different. It's much different.

Q. I know you live at Sea Island, but does that give you any kind of competitive advantage playing in those conditions throughout the year?
BRIAN HARMAN: I don't know, I don't know. I mean, I live where it's pretty windy, so I think that probably helps.

Q. You left the pin in on 17.
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, especially on downhill ones, to use anything you can use to stop the damn thing.

Q. You're currently not in the Masters field, is that on your mind at all?
BRIAN HARMAN: No, it can't be, obviously I would love to play but I can't think of that right now.

Q. What about the rest of the year going forward, what's your outlook?
BRIAN HARMAN: Just trying to make a bunch of birdies, man, win some golf tournaments. Sick of missing cuts. That's what we're out here to do, right? Let's go win some tournaments.

Q. You were playing so well last year, top of the leaderboard, so what's it like to go through a stretch like this?
BRIAN HARMAN: It happens, man. Sometimes you just wear the dunce cap. I've been wearing it for about six months. Just it's part of it, man, I mean it's a hard game, guys are good. But I've just been trying to focus back on what I'm good at and try and believe in myself a little bit more.

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