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March 14, 2019

Vaughn Taylor

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Clean card; I know it wasn't easy out there to keep it clean, was it?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: No, it wasn't. Some holes played easy and some holes played really hard. So it was challenging. The greens were drying out and getting a little crusty, so I'm pleased, very happy.

Q. Was it the wind? Obviously that dried out the greens, but is that what made it tough to figure out what the wind was doing and the gusts?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: Absolutely. When you get in the trees it's okay, but some of the holes are exposed, they play tough, played long, if it was into the wind. So every hole's a challenge in its own way.

Q. On the final hole, the 9th hole, your 18th hole of the day, you seemed a little disbelief that it actually went in the water there, because we've all been there searching like, come on it's got to be here somewhere?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: I've never driven it in the water there. I pushed it a little bit but I still thought it was going to hang in there. So that was one of those I didn't make a bad swing, just didn't take quite a good line there. The wind was pumping pretty good and you just can't feel it on that tee, but I pushed it a little bit, and thrilled to walk out with a par though. That was a nice putt.

Q. I was going to say that was a great putt, it circled around and went down. It seems obvious, but can you explain what that means mentally going into tonight and tomorrow when you see that putt drop?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, it's always nice to finish making a long putt and it's a par-5, so you hate to give a shot away on a par-5. So those two together, it will makeup for a better night.

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