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March 14, 2019

Andy Enfield

Jonah Mathews

Bennie Boatwright

Las Vegas, Nevada

Washington - 78, USC - 75

ANDY ENFIELD: Washington played very hard, as did our team. We obviously made a few mistakes in the last two and a half, three minutes, like we have many times this season.

So it's unfortunate that we weren't able to win, but very proud of our players, especially our seniors, Shaqquan Aaron and Bennie Boatwright. Bennie has had a terrific career. Shaqquan meant a lot to our program. Both won a lot of games in the last few years. And once again, give Washington a credit. They earned a win. They played for 40 minutes.

Q. On that last play, Nick took the rebound and took it up the court. Was there a play called there, or was it just get a basket --
ANDY ENFIELD: That's called a five-man special. We want our worst ball handler and slowest guy handling the ball and throwing it out-of-bounds. We called that play in timeout about eight minutes before.

Q. How tough did Thybulle make things for you guys?
ANDY ENFIELD: We held him to four points, so I thought our guys did a terrific job on him. Made him shoot a low percentage. He's 2 for 8 from the field. Yeah, he's Defensive Player of the Year, had a couple big steals. But I thought our guys did a terrific job on him tonight. He's a terrific player.

THE MODERATOR: Bennie, started out slow from the field, and then picked it up quite a bit in the second half. Coach Hopkins mentioned that in the previous news conference. Can you talk about that game and how it came to you tonight?

BENNIE BOATWRIGHT: Yeah, I started off slow. I was missing a couple of shots. Second half I picked it up.

Q. What kind of impact -- what about Kevin Porter's game tonight, he seemed like he gave you a lift?
ANDY ENFIELD: Kevin has improved. He played hard tonight and helped us. I thought he played a terrific basketball game on both sides of the ball. He had six rebounds and shot a very good percentage from the field. He had four turnovers, so he was careless with the ball a few times, but played hard on defense and really helped us. And so give him credit, he came to play today.

Q. Just looking at your season, kind of in the totality of it, how do you kind of put things in perspective for this whole year?
ANDY ENFIELD: This is the microcosm of our whole season, the last three minutes, because we've been in so many close games, and we made some crucial mistakes -- turnovers, missed free throws, missed shots, not getting stops. And we've been right there.

We played hard, and you saw that. We made a couple crucial turnovers in the last two minutes tonight. I think we had three of them. Other games we missed game winning shots. They've made tough shots, the other teams. And when you're in these close games every possession matters.

So I guess to answer your question, the last couple of minutes was kind of a microcosm of our season. We're good enough and talented enough to compete. Our players play hard. But our margin of error is so small that those crucial moments, whether it's a turnover, defensive stop, made shot, free throw or last second shot haven't gone away this year and it's been unfortunate. But our players, very proud of them, especially our upperclassmen who played exceptionally hard all season.

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