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March 13, 2019

Murry Bartow

Chris Smith

Jaylen Hands

Las Vegas, Nevada

UCLA - 79, Stanford - 72

MURRY BARTOW: Well, I'm glad that one is over. But I thought it was a great win for our guys. I thought our guys competed hard, fought hard. We haven't played a lot of man to man over the last couple of months, and you've been telling me to play more man, so I decided to play more man tonight.

But in all seriousness, our guys really I thought competed incredibly hard, defended hard. We had four guys in double figures, so we shared it a little bit. We moved it a little bit. We had two guys in double figures. It's not every day that a point guard gets a double-double with points and rebounds. So that's a pretty neat double-double for him.

I thought Jalen Hill was great. I thought Chris Smith had incredible focus and got us off to a tremendous start. Kris Wilkes was good.

The key to the game for us was on the defensive end. Okpala is a good player. Davis is a really, really good player, and we hold Davis, obviously he was probably still a little gimpy from the ankle. We did a nice job on Davis, nice job on Okpala. We're excited to be moving on and playing a really good team tomorrow.

Q. Thank you for listening to me, first of all. What went into that decision? When did you make it? How do you think it helped you as far as the man defense?
MURRY BARTOW: Well, we played it exclusively at Utah in the second half. And I thought we defended well in the second half of the Utah game. We were way down. The second half we fought hard and competed hard, and we were basically in 20 minutes of man. We worked on man Monday and Tuesday. We didn't expect to play 40 minutes of it tonight, but it was pretty good to us and we just stuck with it.

Q. Not to beat a dead horse here, how did it help you? You weren't giving up open threes as much, one benefit, for sure.
MURRY BARTOW: I thought it was good. I thought defensively we defended better. We guarded the three better. We just felt as a staff it would help us maybe early in the game to give us a little more pop and juice.

And obviously on man you've got a little more accountability, you've got that guy, you've got that guy. Zone is not quite as much accountability.

So it was very effective. It was very effective. I thought late in the game we got a little sloppy defensively, a little sloppy offensively. Stanford is a good team, well-coached team. They beat us 24 up there, so this was a good one for us to get.

Q. How is David Singleton? What's his injury? And then Moses Brown didn't play much in the second half. What was the thinking there?
MURRY BARTOW: David Singleton is still being evaluated. We'll know in a little bit. Don't know yet. But still being evaluated.

Moses Brown, I love him, but Jalen Hill was just playing better. So we played Jalen Hill more at the five because of that.

Again, I think everybody that talks to me knows I'm a big Moses Brown fan. But we're going to play the guys that are playing the best.

If you look at our minutes tonight, Jaylen played 35, Chris played 35, Kris played 33 and David played 33 and Jalen Hill played 26. We stuck with that five a lot.

And so, again, nothing necessarily that Moses didn't do well, it was just Jalen Hill had a double-double tonight and played really well. And we just stuck with that group.

Q. Jaylen, you and Jalen Hill made six out of seven free throws, both of you. You each just missed one free throw. How much do you think that contributed to the win, and is that something you work on?
JAYLEN HANDS: I think it contributed a lot. They fought us down the stretch, so we had to make sure we made our free throws to secure the game. J. Hill is a big, so for him to make 6 out of 7, he's really good. But played all out for a win.

Q. You guys got off to a good start. We talked about how important that was during the week. How much did that help you? How much did the man defense spark that start, they started 1 out of 11 shooting, for the players?
CHRIS SMITH: I think the man defense helped us getting into the guys, being more physical, making them feel us. We didn't have many fouls in the first half. We had a lot more in the second.

Man really deters a lot of guys, like Kz and Daejon, they like to get a lot of buckets, but we held them to like 9 and 0. It deterred them from doing a lot of things that they're used to doing.

Q. Tomorrow, rematch from a late game back in January versus Arizona State, what do you think about that? What comes to mind? What are your thoughts about that matchup?
JAYLEN HANDS: I know for me this is an exciting time because this is win or go home. So we're going to go to our hotel, whatever we do, we'll watch the last game. Tomorrow we've got to play well.

CHRIS SMITH: We lost last time at home. It was kind of crushing. We didn't want to, and it was a bad loss. We'll come back with a vengeance, I know we all are. It's win and go home, so that's the only thing we want to do, is win.

Q. You had a couple of baskets late in the first half, helped you guys stretch the lead to double figures. What kind of clicked during those moments?
JAYLEN HANDS: Just trying to do what we have to do to get us a win. I felt we were up -- we were up for a while, we didn't really extend it. I thought if I could score, give other people options, just get off the ball and get other people to score, we'd be in a better position. So that was really what I was focusing on.

Q. What do you think went into you were up 27 and they got to 5? What happened during that stretch, and how scary did that get for you guys at that point?
CHRIS SMITH: They had nine passes, which is really messing up our plays. So it was messing up like our functionality and our smoothness. It was kind of getting us caught up little bit and we turned it over, and missed shots led to fast-break points. We've got to clean that up, fast-break defense, and talk more defense, as well. Because guys were getting open shots that they shouldn't have.

JAYLEN HANDS: It's the Pac-12 Tournament, so no one is going to come in here and lay down for 40 minutes, so we expected them to come back, and we came out and we won.

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