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March 13, 2019

Jerod Haase

Marcus Sheffield

Josh Sharma

Las Vegas, Nevada

UCLA - 79, Stanford - 72

JEROD HAASE: We're certainly disappointed and UCLA, give them a lot of credit. Played well and did enough to win the game. At this point, though, we're probably looking back to the entire year and trying to find some of the positives and understand some of the negatives, as well.

But I guess my only real comment is that it's been an absolute pleasure to coach Josh Sharma this year, especially, he's going to be a missed member of this team as we move forward.

Q. What stood out most during the process of falling down by 26 points? And what stood out by the process of almost coming back at the end of the game?
JEROD HAASE: We've shown over the last I guess three games, a pretty anemic shooting display. And that was certainly a big part of not making shots and not just threes but around the rim. And we struggled to score the basketball to that level. Actually, I was pretty encouraged with the way the guys still competed defensively, but when you don't score it tends to take the life out of your defense. For the most part I thought the guys competed.

But offensively we just were really, really struggling putting the ball in the basket. Once we did get a couple of looks and the guys, I thought, played a little bit more energy, got a couple of things going and continued to fight to the end which I'm certainly proud of.

THE MODERATOR: Is that many rebounds a common occurrence?

JEROD HAASE: There were a lot of missed shots to get a rebound.

Q. If you could expand on coaching Josh Sharma, who has flourished the last couple of years under your leadership, what does it mean to you to coach such a great player as Josh?
JEROD HAASE: He's a heck of a player and a heck of a person. And he has a wonderful personality, a wonderful disposition, even when times weren't going well.

When I first got the job and wanted to play more minutes, and he was a fantastic ambassador to the program and the university. And this year he flourished. Always tried to do what I asked him to do and did it at a high level. And it will mean a lot not just for today but for a long time.

Q. Obviously this isn't the way you wanted to go out, but what takeaways do you have from it this year to real hold on to?
JOSH SHARMA: I mean, obviously it was a disappointing year, especially the last couple of games. But a lot to do with Coach Haase and the rest of the coaching staff, I think my confidence playing the game and my love for the game has never been greater. And obviously still disappointed that we lost, and that hurts a lot.

Q. I saw your teammates approach you and some coaches immediately following the final buzzer. What awareness was there, what was talked about your final game, and what did that mean to you?
JOSH SHARMA: I mean, yeah, going into this game it was a possibility. I was hoping it wasn't. But I have a lot of love for my coaches, a lot of love for my teammates, and, yeah, I always appreciate that.

Q. Can you kind of expand upon what changed and why the shots all of a sudden started falling in the last three minutes?
MARCUS SHEFFIELD: I think we just started getting a few stops, our energy increased. And once the shots started falling, they just started falling. So, yeah, we just tried to compete to the end, really.

Q. We've talked about Josh a little bit. For you, and a season of ups and downs, Josh, from the outside, has always seemed to be a bright spot, a Sharminator, what's been like playing alongside him this season?
MARCUS SHEFFIELD: It's been great. We came in as freshmen, that's a great journey to now. Yeah, I just love Josh. He's a great teammate, great person. I'll miss him.

Q. You were here when Coach Haase and his staff arrived. I'm curious now as you leave the program, where do you see the program now and where do you see it going and what gives you confidence that it's going where you think it is?
JOSH SHARMA: Yeah, I think really from the first moment that Coach Haase came to talk to us before he figured out who the rest of the staff was and everything, there was just a really positive energy around it. And I think the whole team was excited from that moment on. And, yeah, we were young and inexperienced, but I think Coach Haase is a heck of a coach. I'm really excited to see where this program goes in the future.

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