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June 4, 2000

Steve Lowery


LEE PATTERSON: We appreciate you joining us. I know a little disappointing.

STEVE LOWERY: A little disappointing, but I gave it a good effort. I felt like I played well and had a chance there on the back nine but I just couldn't quite get it done.

Q. What are you going to look back on, that sand save that you did not get down or is it going to be the shot on 17?

STEVE LOWERY: I don't know. I just didn't make enough birdies early in the round. Got off to a slow start . I hit a really good 8-iron into that 15th hole. I was all over it and another couple yards it hits the downslope and goes right down there. But it didn't work out. I mean, that's the way it is. It's a fine line between winning and not winning when you're right there that close. I feel good about the shots I hit. 17, I hung that shot out to the right. Hit the right club. Franklin Langham hit the same club I hit. I needed to hit that ball 10 yards left, let it hit and roll down to the pin, but it went right and it was hairy-carry.

Q. (Inaudible.)

STEVE LOWERY: I was trying to make birdie. I'm not standing there trying to play it safe. But I wasn't trying to hit it right off the flag like I did. I knew I had to birdie one of the last two holes to have a chance for a playoff. But I don't hang my head. I played aggressive, solid. Between a busy few days for me. Played with Tiger on Monday; finished second, and finished fifth on Sunday. So pretty busy.

Q. What was the club on 16?


Q. Any hesitation on that?

STEVE LOWERY: It was the right club. I just started it too far right, needed to go left and kind of playing the ball -- if it rode the wind to the left, but I just didn't cut it.

Q. What's it like to carry the weight of the lead for all 72 holes?

STEVE LOWERY: I just tried to not focus on it, really, and just take care of my process of hitting good golf shots. But, you know, it's a lot of stress on you. This week has been, you know, a big effort for me.

Q. I would think to have a four-foot putt to win a lot of money --

STEVE LOWERY: It was a tough putt to have to make to finish second by myself, but boy, I sure would have liked to have made that. It didn't work out, but I can't worry about it. Go on.

Q. The way you walked in immediately after making that putt and congratulated Tom, that was pretty big.

STEVE LOWERY: Yeah, I know he's out there playing hard. We're all playing hard. All trying to win but only one person can win. Although a little disappointed about not winning, but I feel good the way I played and I continue to try to play the way I'm playing and hope things go my way.

Q. What do you remember of your first win?

STEVE LOWERY: What do I remember of it? I eagled two of the last five holes is the main thing I remember.

Q. What is it like when you finally win? What's Tom going through now?

STEVE LOWERY: To finally win and, you know, he's been a good player for a long time, but to finally win out here, I'm sure he's just ecstatic about, you know, accomplishing something as significant as winning on the PGA TOUR, because it's a tremendous accomplishment to win any tournament out here. He's been a good player for a long time. But getting that first win I think is good for him and probably get him over the hump maybe where he can maybe win some other tournaments.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about him?

STEVE LOWERY: I don't know him that well other than he's a very good ball-striker. I really have not played that much golf with him. I know he's fairly long and a very good ball-striker. But I really haven't spent much time playing with him.

Q. Do you go to Westchester?

STEVE LOWERY: I'm committed to play 36 holes tomorrow, 7:09 a.m., at Woodmont; so I'm committed to Westchester. I'm going to be there tomorrow at 7:00 and make a decision on Westchester after that.

Q. At this stage in your career, there was not a great difference between the two of you on the Money List last year and the two of you going into the tournament this year; is there a similarity between you and him?

STEVE LOWERY: Well, I don't know. I mean, our games -- is that what you mean? I think we play similar style of games. He's fairly long and a very good ball-striker which is kind of my strength. I don't know, it's hard to say.

Q. You had said yesterday that you wanted to come into this round and be very aggressive. In your mind, were you?

STEVE LOWERY: Yeah, I was. I mean, I was, you know battling the nerves that you battle to win a golf tournament, you know, trying not to play safer, trying to aim the ball at the flag, aim putts, aggressive rolls and I felt like I did that. I had some opportunities there on 13 where I could have laid up and hit an awkward yardage for me; and hit a 4-wood on the green. And then 15 I could have laid up but I hit 3-wood and it went off the green there. So I played aggressive. Tried to play smart when I could, when I didn't have a shot. But, yeah, I felt like I played aggressive. Like I said yesterday, I need to make more birdies today than I did yesterday to win, and, you know kind of came down to that.

Q. And 13 and 14 you certainly went at it.

STEVE LOWERY: I tried to do it. Those shots, especially 14, really sets up for my shot a left-to-right shot, that's my strength so played to that. Other holes, when the pin is lefty, try to play a little smarter shot.

Q. On your second shot at 15, did you think you hit the right club or did you know it was trouble?

STEVE LOWERY: No. I thought it was just stiff. I really flushed it. I thought I was going to get the downslope and feed down there. I hit it really solid, but not as high as a normal 8-iron. Came off a little lower and didn't carry. If I had to hit it again -- if the wind was in the air, it would have held up perfect.

Q. Once you win a tournament what does it feel like when you come into the next event?

STEVE LOWERY: Well, you've been there. You've accomplished it. I think the doubt of "can I win out here" kind of goes away and you realize that you can win. And I think you come with a different attitude when you play on Sunday, that you've done this, and it's not such a big deal.

Q. Do guys out there talk about the fact that this is the ninth guy to have won his first tournament at the Kemper?

STEVE LOWERY: It's never mentioned until the week. It just seems like it's amazing that certain events seem to do that. I don't know really why that is. I mean, obviously the U.S. Open coming up, some of the top players are not playing so it gives a chance for guys that are here that are here to do well. Other than that, the golf course is very difficult. It's a championship golf course.

Q. Even on the very last second shot into 18, even a one percent chance you thought that might go in, it looked pretty dead --

STEVE LOWERY: I thought I might as well go for it kind of thing. Lined up and, you know hit it right at it. Like I say, I hit some aggressive shots. I played well. I was, you know -- I played with Tiger on Monday and that was tough. Going in with the lead this week was a challenge, but I felt good about it. You know, I like to come out with something positive every week. I played good with the lead most of the week and I think I will do better next time.

Q. What did you hit on 18?

STEVE LOWERY: An 8-iron.

Q. Do you feel like the long week last week contributed to -- slowed down a little bit as this weekend came on?

STEVE LOWERY: It's been an effort for me because I didn't have much time. I didn't play a practice round. I played nine holes and trying to rest and all that. But I played well enough to win the golf tournament, so I can't say it was a -- fatigue was a factor. I'm glad it was not as hot these last couple of days.

Q. How far was that putt on 15?

STEVE LOWERY: 15, I think that was probably about eight feet. The last putt, about four-and-a-half feet, something like that.

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