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June 10, 2005

Davis Love III



Q. Playing in your fourth straight tournament this week.

DAVIS LOVE III: Fourth of five in a row, but I had a couple of weekends off so I got a few breaks. It hasn't been tiring. I've been working hard on my game and working out. It has been a little easier on the road getting in a rhythm, practicing and working out. I figured this would be a good stretch for me to play to get ready for the US Open.

Q. Plan for the weekend?

DAVIS LOVE III: It's getting better and better. I haven't gotten the most out of a round yet in the last couple of months. I'm striking it better and better. I'm excited when I finish a round and I'm not going to the fitness truck to get fixed up.

I'm feeling great. I'm practicing as much as I want to and playing four weeks in a row, playing a lot. I feel good and I feel excited about it.

Q. How did this good health develop?

DAVIS LOVE III: Working with a trainer, getting on a plan. A little bit of it is confidence. When they tell you, "We'll have you ready to go in six weeks," and you start seeing signs of it, it gives you confidence. I was lacking confidence because I was hitting shots and I was hurting. I'm hitting shots now and I have confidence. I have the snowball rolling downhill, and the snowball is getting bigger and bigger. Hopefully I can keep this up.

Q. Was a 64 out there the last few days for you?

DAVIS LOVE III: They were out there. I turned them into higher scores the last few days. I've really been doing that the last few tournaments. I get the worst out of the round. It's out there. It depends if they let the greens firm up and if they tuck the pins. They could make it pretty hard. I feel like if I play good, and the field bunches up, I can make a run.

I don't think you are going to have to shoot 20 under par to win here. It will just get harder and harder on the weekend.

Q. US Open thoughts?

DAVIS LOVE III: I'm coming from the opposite direction. My expectations are trying to get ready to play. This week is a good warm up. I've gotten a lot out of it already. If I have a good weekend, I will be on the rising tide and confident. If I do that, I won't have to hold back any expectations, just keep improving and play and get out of my own way at the US Open.

End of FastScripts.

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