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March 13, 2019

Cameron Champ

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Talk about the feeling of the win, your first win on the PGA TOUR.
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, the Web.com TOUR win came a little bit easier. It wasn't as stressful. It was definitely still stressful. It was a work in progress, and obviously my win on TOUR this year, on the PGA TOUR, I played well, but I gave it all back. Like I said, we were tied with 9 to go and I had to earn it back, and I hit all the shots when I needed to and earned it. It was kind of two different situations. One was more high stress than the other. But I was able to persevere and hit the shots when I needed to, which I think that gave me the most confidence of all when it counted. I was able to pull off the shots.

Q. How can you drive it such a long distance, and which is more important here, driving or putting?
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I mean, distance has just been a natural thing. You know, I would definitely say it's a gift, but it's also work, as well. But again, like I said, I've been long since I was young. It's just been within my swing since I was a kid, like I said. It's not something that -- I don't think you can really touch. You can definitely teach the movements and maybe pick up a few miles an hour, but when I go at it, it's just something that's been a natural thing for me and something I've been able to use.

Q. If someone wants to improve his driving distance, what kind of training would you recommend?
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I mean, definitely fitness is a huge key. I'm very flexible, which helped me a lot in that aspect. So I think those are the two main things to start. And then, like I said, just having a lot of body control and just very fast hips, fast movements, but in the same sequence. I feel like if all those align, you can definitely improve in that area.

Q. Talk about your first time at THE PLAYERS Championship.
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, this is awesome. Like I said, it's something I've watched as a kid, and to earn my way in here and to earn my spot is definitely a huge confidence boost for me in my first year on TOUR. It's something I'm going to take in and enjoy and just looking forward to the first tee shot.

Q. What are some of your early memories of watching THE PLAYERS?
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, obviously it was during Mother's Day always. The weekends, just home on the couch, not doing anything because you want to watch THE PLAYERS. There's definitely a lot of memories there, like I said, watching that with my dad or my mom or my family. It's nice to be here now and not on the other side of the TV.

Q. What are the challenges ahead for you guys starting on the first tee tomorrow?
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, it's a very demanding course of every aspect of your game. Mainly ball-striking out here is the key just to give yourself looks for birdies. You've got to hit it very well off the tee. The rough can be tricky, fliers, stuff like that. And iron play, as well. Out here you've just got to be consistent in every area for the week.

Q. Talk about the closing holes, 16, 17 and 18.
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I mean, 16 is one if you're coming down the stretch you want to get. If you can hit a good drive and the fairways start firming up, you can get there easily with a mid iron to long iron. And obviously 17 it would depend on the situation. Thursday to Sunday is totally different. But the wind can get very tricky there, can swirl a lot. It's just there you've just got to commit to your shot and hit it and just deal with the result. And then 18 the same thing. You've just got to trust your line, hit a good tee ball, and from there it makes things a lot easier. But like I said, it's just a very visual course. You've just got to, like I said, stick to what your game plan was and just focus on that.

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