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March 11, 2019

Yoshihito Nishioka

Indian Wells, California

Y. NISHIOKA/F. Auger-Aliassime

6-7, 6-4, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Have you had very many matches like that in that atmosphere?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Well, not many times, like, winning 5-1 and coming back. It's very tough to play like that situation.

Yeah, it was very tough. Yeah, it was very feeling so tight and feeling very mad when he coming back in. Because I had a chance to win already, three times match point. But he saved really good shot, with good shots. I had a chance, but it's actually no chances, you know.

But just play, like, try to I can do it, and then if I realize that sometimes that happens that I feel, I was thinking, between the match. So just try my best. Yeah, and I find a way, finally.

Q. How worried or concerned were you up 5-1 and then again 3-1 in the tiebreak? He comes back. It was a fantastic match with two young guns of the sport. But your mental approach in that match towards the end, how worried were you?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: So I was up 5-1, and then I can see he's very tight until winning 5-1. But he start pretty aggressive again, like, first set. Then he doesn't miss that much. He make very good shot many time.

And then I was a little bit nervous, so my ball doesn't go. He have chance to hit the ball so many -- I mean, almost, like, each point.

So that's the reason I think he's coming back under 1-5 down. But I know he's gonna mistake, as well. He can make a winner, but he's gonna miss, for sure.

So I just try my best and my shot, I know he doesn't like to hit the backhand, so try to hit many times his backhand.

I can see he want to hit winner as soon as possible. I think maybe he's tired, or, you know, he doesn't want to hit many balls.

So I can see it, so I just try to hit many balls as I can. You know, I was waiting. He's gonna be rush and a mistake.

Q. He was the better player till partway through the second set. He was dominating. Then he went down a little bit. You went up. Can you explain why you went up? You finally seemed to find your game.
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Well, I think he was playing perfect till before I break in his service game. I didn't have any chances. You know, I try my best. I wasn't not bad. I playing very good. But he's just too good. That's how I feel.

But I finally got the chance. I need to get one chance. And then I think it's gonna be a little bit changed. So I find a way finally in down 2-3 in the second set, and then I get the game and it's a little bit changing. He started mistake a little bit and service, not many first service, hitting so many second service. Changing a little bit. Then I find a way.

Q. You said you thought experience was going to help you in this match. I guess it did. Can you talk about the points where you felt that that did come into play?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Yeah, I play many times like this game. Not many times winning 5-1, but normally I'm always coming back.

But last year I play on the court -- no, two years ago actually, with Stan Wawrinka, tiebreaker, but I had it twice serving for the match, and then I lost.

You know, I play many times like very close match. But, you know, I think it's -- I need to -- I mean, I know experience is better than him, like, the game.

Today was very tight. I know he can beat me. He had a chances. But I think a little bit experiences make different the tiebreak. Yeah.

Q. Was it extra special to get that win here where I think you said two years ago you played Stan but then you also got injured that match. Does it mean a little extra more to come back to the same tournament and find a way through?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: Yeah, very happy to coming back around best of 16, round 16. Yeah, I think I'm very fit on this surface and on this weather or the balls. You know, everything, I fit on this surface, maybe.

Yeah, two years ago I couldn't take my chances to quarterfinal. So hopefully I can take this time to make first-time quarterfinal.

Q. What do you enjoy more about tennis? Do you enjoy playing great defense and tracking down a shot, putting it back, or playing offense? What do you like better?
YOSHIHITO NISHIOKA: You know, my defense is better by now, better than offense, but, I mean, if I can, I want to play more offensive.

But, you know, his forehand is, like, too heavy. I try to go to the net or, you know, be aggressive, but he's more aggressive. So I need to defensive against him, you know.

But, yeah, I need to practice more offensive practice. If I can finish the point as soon as possible, I don't need to use, like, my mental -- or I can save my energy, you know. So that's why I need to more practice right now.

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