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March 12, 2019

Jaime White

Aly Gamez

Candice White

Las Vegas, Nevada

Boise State - 89, Fresno State - 77

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Fresno State coach Jaime White and student-athletes Aly Gamez and Candice White. Coach, an opening statement.

COACH WHITE: Obviously, disappointed in the outcome. I thought we started okay. I thought that we ended the first half and we're still feeling good about things. I thought that third quarter bothered us. We let them hit some shots.

I mean, credit to them. They hit some big shots and stretched that lead. And it was just a little bit too much that we couldn't get back into it. Proud of these two. Aly's come to us last year and she's been running the point guard spot, and really allowed Candice to be more of a shooting guard, and I think that's helped her.

But Aly's really given us toughness every day, and Candice has consistently scored for us and been the leading scorer in the Mountain West consecutive years, which has been nice.

You're proud of your kids for the fight that they had. I don't think they ever hung their heads. I thought Katelin Noyer came in and gave us a push at the 5 spot. And Maddi Utti was solid again. I think Boise is a good team and they do some things that bothered us, and we were just a couple of baskets away from making a good run.


Q. This is -- last game they set the single tournament game record with 37 points from Braydey. Tonight, Marta has 30 points, which is the third most in tournament history. What is it about this Boise State team that seems to be hard to control those scorers?
COACH WHITE: Their 3-point shooting, I'm sure anybody would say. With Lupfer and Hodgins and you have Marta, who doesn't always hit them but surely hit them tonight. And we put her at the free-throw line there at the end for eight of those points.

So they're tough. I think they're tough defensively. They make you play out away from the basket a little bit more. And they've got good speed with Coleman, Coleman's one of the quicker posts in the league, and Harrell. I think both of them defend well.

And actually I thought we did a really good job on the inside game, but we just didn't get to those 3s. And a lot of the 3s we didn't get to were in transition so they were able to make those in transition, which a lot of teams struggle with that.

Q. You guys had an awfully young squad. I realize, Candice, you're a senior. But to start four sophomores and to get into the semifinal and perform as well as you did in the regular season, what would you say contributed to that?
COACH WHITE: I just don't look at them as sophomores. I really don't. Whoever is ready to go, whoever can help our team, that's who we're going to put out there. And tonight I felt like -- actually, both nights -- I felt like we had a very good team unity, team balance.

And I am excited that we have those sophomores for a couple more years. And really in this league I do think having seniors like Candice, like some of the seniors in our league, that's going to help us be successful. Candice has been a staple for our team now for three solid years. And that's been great.

And now with our sophomore class, three of them started last year and they were a staple. So hopefully that continues throughout their next couple of years.

CANDICE WHITE: I'd just say this: The core group of sophomores, they're just very competitive. Since they've gotten here their freshman year they've always wanted to learn more. They've always tried their hardest and always put in effort.

And I think moving forward they're going to be successful in the end because they don't ever give up and they don't go out without a fight.

ALY GAMEZ: I think we came in our freshman year competitive and ready to learn, and we didn't want to look at it as we were freshmen. We wanted to look at it as we're going to come out and compete every day and just try to help the team just get as far as we can. And I think that will help us down the road next year and the year after.


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