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August 14, 2005

Davis Love III


Q. Conditions out there today, it's windy and you could feel the humidity building up as the day went on.

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, the wind was the difference from the last few days. You know, it's just gusty and hard to hit the fairway. I hit a couple of good drives that didn't go in.

I think, you know, I didn't hit it quite as solid, but, you know, the wind got me a few times, it put me in the rough, put me a long way away on some iron shots and just didn't have the birdie opportunities. It's playing harder. For sure, if I holed a putt here or there or hit a fairway here or there, I'd still be right there. As it stands with I guess basically four to go, still got a chance, so have to come out and make some birdies tomorrow.

Q. The course, with the rain coming in and softening it up, that could help getting some low scores on the closing holes?

DAVIS LOVE III: That will change it a little bit. The greens will definitely be smoother in the morning and maybe a little bit slower, not as dry and crusty as they were this afternoon. So maybe it will be easier to make a putt. You know, we'll have basically everybody playing the same four holes and trying to do the same thing. So it ought to be a fun shootout tomorrow.

Q. Was there one thing that was deterring today more than anything else or was it just everything?

DAVIS LOVE III: I think really just like four drives. You know, the drive at 3 obviously hurt. Hit it a little too far at 4 and that put me behind the 8 ball. You know, like I said, hit a good drive at 5 and the wind got it and put it in the rough. If it was a foot in and a foot left and I'd been on the green making a par.

Just a few bad drives, really, is the difference, and putting pressure on my putter; rather than putting for birdies, I was putting for pars.

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