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August 4, 2002

Steve Lowery


STEVE LOWERY: It was amazing. I just was playing to win. I told my caddie on 13, still probably the best shot of the week on 13, I had a punch 6-iron into the wind that rolled up around the green. And there were about three or four other shots that were probably better than that.

Q. Lot of exciting shots coming in after the rain delay. You gave brand new meaning to the term "hitting for the cycle," if you will. The tee shot you hit on 16 looked to be way long. What did you hit out there on 16?

STEVE LOWERY: I hit a 5-iron there. I thought the wind was a little bit into us. I was probably a little pumped after making eagle. It went six or eight yards longer than I expected coming on the downslope. I hit two good putts. The first putt had a chance to go in, and the second putt just lipped-out. I hit two good putts.

Q. Pretty much goes without saying what you were thinking on some of the better shots, the double-eagle and so forth. Were you highly disappointed with the tee ball on 16?

STEVE LOWERY: The 5-iron shot you're talking about? I think I probably needed to hit a 6-iron there, but the wind kind of died a little bit there coming in.

Q. Take us through your mindset going to 18, walking up 18, playing 18?

STEVE LOWERY: You know, I was playing to win, after playing with Jeff Sluman in Milwaukee finished second; and I was out there trying to win this golf tournament, and I knew after I saw the leaderboard on 17, I knew I had to make birdie to win. And I made two aggressive shots on 18. I hit a good putt that just didn't break, so it got a little bit past the hole. You know, I was just trying to hit it at the flags and trying to make putts.

Q. (Inaudible.)

STEVE LOWERY: No, I've never made double-eagle. This is the first time. Yeah, shocked. The crowd's reaction, you could tell that it's close or when it goes in, you could tell and after I saw it go in on 14, you kind of get the idea of what they are going to do.

You know, I didn't know the leaderboard. The last leaderboard I saw was Rich Beem was 39. And I'm doing my math, thinking I'm 43 and thinking he birdied 17, at least, so I'm thinking he's probably 41 until I actually got up there and realized he made eagle. So then I had to regroup a little bit and tried to birdie the last hole.

Q. Did you have any flashbacks to '94 when you made up the ten points?

STEVE LOWERY: I tell that you shot, that 6-iron shot was very eerie because I was in the same spot. The wind was kind of blowing the same way, the shot took off and my caddie said, "'94, if that's not good, there is no good." When the ball is in the air, I'm thinking the same thing and it goes in.

Yeah, it was a really great experience to hear the crowd like that, call that shot; and that I kind of felt that same feeling before in '94.

It was really exciting. I was really proud of the way I played and I hit some good shots down the stretch, trying to win.

Q. Talk about 14 -- were you thinking about that?

STEVE LOWERY: A little. But again, I'm thinking if I drop it, I'm not trying to win the golf tournament. So go in there and try to blast it out or hole it out or make birdie and I've still got a chance. I felt like it was worth it.

Q. (Inaudible)?

STEVE LOWERY: Yeah, I kind of did. Rich was running away with it. I just felt I was still trying to plug for the win and keep getting in that position. But I gave it all I had and it was just his week, I guess.

Q. Teeing off today is there any kind of goal you saw might win?

STEVE LOWERY: I told the guys in here yesterday that somebody was going to come out and play aggressive. I was thinking probably 40 or something, if the conditions stayed firm and fast. I think the greens softened up a little bit. They may have watered a little bit. There were holes and ball marks on 17 when I made that, and also the ball spun back on 15. The greens were harder than previous days, so I think it was a little watered down and it softened the greens.

Q. (Inaudible.)

STEVE LOWERY: Giving you adjusted yardage, so I think it was probably from about 127 yards on 15; and a 6-iron 190, it was probably about 217, something like that.

15, I hit 3-wood and my gap wedge.

Q. Where you when the horns blew?

STEVE LOWERY: We had just finished 13 and were kind of in the little hut there and they took us in. We came back and started over on 14 tee -- no, 13. We just finished 12.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Let's go through your card.

STEVE LOWERY: 1, I hit a 4-wood to the fringe and 2-putted from about 20 feet.

3, I drove it in probably the tallest rough on the golf course, the right rough on 3, and could not even get to the green. Hacked it out of there and hit a sand wedge short and 2-putted from about 30 feet.

4, I hit a good shot but didn't catch the ridge and Craig had like a -- inaudible -- he took a long time and I ended up 3-putting there from about probably 35 feet.

6, I hit pitching wedge in there about -- I hit it pin-high and kind of used a 3-wood out of the fairway and putted it up about 12 feet.

Then 9, I hit it off to the right, hit a good chip down there about eight feet.

11, I hit 7-iron in there and it kind of embedded, but I got a good roll and I was able to play that with a plug lie, I was in there about ten feet and didn't make it.

14, I hit driver, 4-wood, and then hit a six degree sand wedge to blast it out to the back fringe, probably about 12 feet.

Q. (Inaudible.)

STEVE LOWERY: You know, unless he comes back to me, really not much chance at all. Unless he really has a problem out there, you don't feel like you have that much of a chance. But like I say, you never know when you're going to make two eagles.

Q. You just played the last four or five holes of this tournament unbelievably and it wasn't good enough. Are you disappointed, excited, elated?

STEVE LOWERY: I'm disappointed I didn't win, to be honest with you. I wanted to win the golf tournament. When I made double-eagle on 17, I thought that was good enough to win, so there's some disappointment, but there's also -- I feel proud the way that I played.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Steve.

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