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March 10, 2019

Chris Gobrecht

Kaelin Immel

Las Vegas, Nevada

San Diego State - 63, Air Force 55

CHRIS GOBRECHT: We've all got to figure out how to make this work at the Academy to develop those skill levels to the point where we can be highly competitive in the division, and no better place to start than with this very young team, which is what we have right now.

Q. It seemed like the second half, you guys kept getting really close, maybe a possession or two, and then they just sort of had an answer every time. Was that frustrating?
KAELIN IMMEL: I mean, yeah, it's always frustrating. I think, again, it comes down to just how young we are as a program and as a team, and I think we can get excited and we can get into the game, but then we'll make transfers that we can't be making in those crucial situations and things like that, and we'll give them an easy lay-up, and that just drains us, and it shouldn't. But again, only like two of us have been in this tournament before, and the rest were all brand new. This is the first time they've been here. It's difficult to fight back from those situations.

Q. You guys played very hard. What do you take away from tonight's experience?
KAELIN IMMEL: I don't know, I mean, I think we've all realized, especially after what coach has told us, that we get to get in the gym more, and after the season we need to get better in the off-season. We haven't had the opportunity really -- the freshmen really don't have the opportunity because of all the requirements of the academy and the things that -- other things we need to do like school and military. But you can make time. It's all about making priorities and what you priority advertise in your life. So if we decide to prioritize basketball, we can get better as a program and we can move ahead from this, because we really should have improved this season, but instead, we almost took a step back.

CHRIS GOBRECHT: I don't know that we necessarily took a step back. It was a necessary transition that we had to go through, and we're building this thing from scratch. That's all there is to it because that's how you have to do it at the academy. You don't have international students, you don't have transfer students, you don't have fifth-year students, you don't have JC kids, you don't have the things that most of the programs in this conference are highly dependent on. So we have to do it from scratch, and we have to help a lot of young kids understand the demands of the academy and how to be highly competitive at division 1. We will get there, but I think that the best thing is that we're not satisfied with just being in games and our players aren't satisfied, and so I think we're ready -- I think the program is ready to take a big step forward, but a lot will have to happen in the off-season. That's going to contribute to it.

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