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March 10, 2019

Kyle Busch

Avondale, Arizona


Q. I heard your crew chief, spotter telling you how close you are on fuel. How do you balance watching the fuel but pushing hard enough to get Blaney and pass him?
KYLE BUSCH: I knew going back before we went green with however many to go that we were going to be right on the verge. You got to go race hard first, then you have to worry about fuel afterwards.
Once I got there, once I got to Blaney, I was able to kind of save a little bit. Tried to take care of my tires again for the rest of the traffic we had to get through, make sure I had enough fuel to make it to the end.
Man, God, this makes last week feel so much stupider. I wish we could have swept last week, too. That would have been pretty awesome to start out this year with two weekend sweeps, three being in my hometown of Vegas.
We'll take what we got here today at IMS Raceway. Cool to win yesterday in the iK9 Service Dog 200 in their race, more cool to win today in the Skittles Camry, get ourselves back to Victory Lane.

Q. You have been a man on a mission. 199 wins across the three different series. How do you want to perceive what you are embarking on in this accomplishment?
KYLE BUSCH: It's not for me to worry about. It's for everybody else to discuss and talk about and argue over and debate.
But for myself and the career that I've had, I've been fortunate to be with a lot of great people, a lot of great sponsors, those that stick around me like Joe Gibbs, M&M Skittles, Snickers, Interstate Batteries that has always been behind me is what it's all about for me. To work with my guys, take them to Victory Lane is what it's all about.

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