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March 10, 2019

Kyle Busch

Avondale, Arizona

Q. You are the happiest of winners. Last week you were the sorriest of losers.
KYLE BUSCH: What's new (laughter)?

Q. I guess it all kind of goes together with what makes a winning race driver.
KYLE BUSCH: Well, yes and no. Certainly there's better ways, but I don't know how to figure that out. I'm 33 years old, still trying to get that going. I got a three‑year‑old I'm working on. He's worse than me. Got a ways to go. He's got plenty of years to get going better.
But overall, man, it's so cool to be here this week. Let's celebrate this week. The Skittles Camry was awesome today. Adam and the boys tuned me up for an awesome racecar today.
I hate to dwell on last week, what could have been, but, man, I certainly wish we could have gotten to Victory Lane last week with our M&M Chocolate Bar Camry.

Q. We expect you to win every week. That is a lofty goal for us to expect for you to do and you to pull off. How does that feel every time you go on the racetrack you're expected to wins?
KYLE BUSCH: You're not the only ones. Rowdy Nation out there, they are the ones expecting me to win each and every week. We have a strong fan following and everybody that shoots for us and that pulls for us. It's a good time right now to be a part of Rowdy Nation. There's a lot of wins happening, which is really awesome.
We just got to continue on and know what we go into each week, do our jobs, work as hard as we possibly can, do the right things. Sometimes when we don't do the right things, you still got to try to rebound from those. If you have a speeding penalty, seems like these days it's way, way harder to come back from. Kind of saw that last wreak. You definitely would have saw that here this week if there was an issue that we had.
Overall I can't say enough about everybody on my car. I want to give thanks to Toyota and Rheem, Stanley, Monster Energy, Cessna, adidas, Black Clover and of course the fans. There's a ton of Rowdy Nation fans out here. A lot of yellow, a little bit of black, a little bit of red.
Awesome to have everything rocking and rolling right here in Victory Lane with us.

Q. We've been debating about this 200 number that you're going to get here really soon. I wanted to focus on Cup. You're 33 years old, got a lot of wins ahead of you. Do you ever focus on what that Cup number and goal for you should be or would be? Do you have a number out there that you're curious or think you can get to?
KYLE BUSCH: Might as well set your goals high, go out there and achieve. Let's set it at a hundred and see if we can't get there. That would certainly put us up there with the top guys, being one of the best of the best.
But overall that's a long ways to go. You got to win a lot of races, a lot of years, to be able to tally up that many. I'm not quite as good as Jeff Gordon any more with being able to win 10 races a year or 13 races a year. I don't know if those details will happen that much any more.
Last year we gave it a shot with eight. See if we can't keep firing them off like we are right now and living the dream, baby.

Q. We all have trophy cases. You have a warehouse.
KYLE BUSCH: I hear you.

Q. I want to see all those trophies at one time.
KYLE BUSCH: You come to Mooresville, North Carolina, I'll take you through, show you all the trophies and stuff like that. It's pretty cool to have that many. There's a few of them a little bit redundant. I filled up a whole Bristol case, you know how we'll we've done at Bristol. It's full, bleeding over into the second race right next to it. It's a good problem to have.

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