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March 10, 2019

Rafa Cabrera Bello

Orlando, Florida

Q. Gave yourself a chance coming down the stretch, made the birdie at 16. You bogeyed 18. Were you thinking -- you knew what you needed to do to tie there at 18. You had 137, were you trying to jar it there for the second shot?
RAFA CABRERA BELLO: I mean like I was just trying, I mean, honestly, like I was trying to go for it, but not with the idea of holing it, just to hit it as close as I can and try to make birdie and hopefully that would help me to be second on my own. But like if you don't go for it you never know and chances are one in a million or smaller, but like I don't know, I sleep good at night even if that's right.

Q. This golf course seemed to play tough over the weekend. What were your thoughts on the course and how you handled it?
RAFA CABRERA BELLO: I loved the setup, with this thick rough that we have had, a little bit of breeze yesterday, today it was a bit calmer, the really, really firm greens, it really got you thinking all the time where you could miss, where you couldn't. And you couldn't go, you couldn't go pin hunting all the time. So I really enjoyed it this week and I'm happy I also played good.

Q. Thoughts on THE PLAYERS Championship now? It's back to March, that's coming up next week, confidence level for you as you go to Sawgrass?
RAFA CABRERA BELLO: I'm playing good, obviously, I've never played the Sawgrass in March, so I'm looking forward to learning the differences between May and March. So, I mean, I love the course as well, I think it also suits my game and when Tuesday comes in, let's see how the course is.

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