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March 9, 2019

Marlene Stollings

Chrislyn Carr

Brittany Brewer

Sydney Goodson

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Baylor 100, Texas Tech 61

The MODERATOR: We are now joined by the Texas Tech Lady Raiders, Coach Stollings, Chrislyn Carr, Brittany Brewer and Sydney Goodson. Coach?

MARLENE STOLLINGS: You have to start with giving Baylor a lot of credit. They're number one in the country for a reason. They played like it today. They're so physical. They're so deep and they're so long and athletic that they're hard to go against. We had a good first quarter and after that, you know, it got kind of difficult for us. But what I will say is I'm really proud of our team, because we came from a seven win season last year when we arrived about eight months ago and they doubled their win total this year to 14, quadrupled their Big 12 conference win total from 1 to 5, and we get to leave this tournament scoring the most points ever at 104 yesterday. I'm proud of our team, the young women and the start of something special brewing in Lubbock.

Q. For all of you, Chrislyn, I know you're a freshman, but how have you experienced the turnaround with Coach this season?
BRITTANY BREWER: I would say the turnaround is overall our heart for the game and just like I feel like even our skill level has raised. When they came in they expected a lot out of us that we had not seen before and a lot of us rose to that expectation and took that into play and our hard work ethic and stuff like that has really raised.

SYDNEY GOODSON: I redshirted last year, but I got to watch all the games and I think we brought heart. We're playing a lot harder. I think we understand to win games in the Big 12 with you have to play hard and I think we did that.

CHRISLYN CARR: You can definitely see how much they've grown as players, especially Brittany just being physical and scoring the ball. She was a big piece of our team this year, so I would definitely say the main thing was growth.

Q. Chrislyn, is there a player on the team that you look up to or a player within the league, WNBA that you look up to, looking at their fundamentals and trying to get better?
CHRISLYN CARR: I would definitely say I look up to my whole team. They all bring something new every day, whether it's their words or their actions on the court. So I would definitely say I look up to my team and I'm thankful to be playing with these girls, and in the WNBA I watch Maya Moore play a lot. I like her game and how she plays and how she plays with toughness the whole game.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, ladies.

Q. Coach, what are some of the things you are most proud of in this team and that you've seen in your first season here?
MARLENE STOLLINGS: I think just the fight that really jumps out at me, their fight and toughness. We lost 10 games by single digits. So just a tremendous, tremendous swing. We went from some of the kids saying, hey, Coach, people don't take us serious, even during warm-ups to being an incredible team and I told them to leave here feeling proud about that. They've left their mark and they've helped lay the foundation of where we're headed.

Q. Looking toward next season, are you going to change up your strategy? With regards to your team anything that you think you can make a change to hopefully win the championship one day?
MARLENE STOLLINGS: I took the Texas Tech job to win championships, so that's exciting big picture. We have to be realistic in our progression and you win with talented players and good people. So it's going to take us a little bit of time to get exactly where we want to go, but this is definitely a big start for us. In some ways it exceeded even my expectations.

Q. Coach, I know Chrislyn got in foul trouble there. How much of an impact did that make while she was out of the game?
MARLENE STOLLINGS: It always hurts us when she is in foul trouble early, but we had to put her back in quick. She was back in there in the second quarter when they made the big jump and we never really recovered from it. Any time she is out early in the game from our team this year, it had an impact on us. She is doing pretty good with that, but her physicality got to her a little bit early there in the game.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Coach.

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