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March 9, 2019

Joe Tartamella

Curteeona Brelove

Chicago, Illinois

St. John's - 76, Seton Hall - 51

JOE TARTAMELLA: Our kids really played well. So we're excited, obviously, to be able to get a W. It's certainly no easy task as you look to play four games in four days, but certainly we're taking one at a time. We know that we've got to play well over the next few days and especially tomorrow.

Q. Coach, anything else that real allowed your offense to start clicking?
JOE TARTAMELLA: I thought we did a better job of getting into our offense more quickly than we did last week. Certainly making shots helps. I thought we were more aggressive in the lane, being able to get the ball to the right places. We made some great passes. To have 21 assists in the game usually bodes well for your team. So obviously that was important. I thought we did a great job sharing it. I thought we made some really good decisions. I thought Tiana was great in distributing with having nine assists and two turnovers. And we made big shots at the right moments, outside of the one that I took away from Q.

Q. What was the difference between the game on Sunday and today's game?
CURTEEONA BRELOVE: The difference was we just needed to make sure we played better defense and made sure we just helped each other out, and talked and communicated. We know that she's a great player and to take her out of the game would help us, so we just made sure we stayed and were alert watching her and just communicating back and forth.

Q. (Inaudible)?
CURTEEONA BRELOVE: Same as last time. We made sure we worked on the things we needed to work on and just made sure we were great at everything we did. We had a lot of energy and we played together, we talked, and we just had to take it one play at a time.

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