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March 8, 2019

Wes Moore

DD Rogers

Aislinn Konig

Elissa Cunane

Greensboro, North Carolina

NC State - 69, Florida State - 62

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by NC State coach Wes Moore as well as student-athletes Elissa Cunane, Aislinn Konig and DD Rogers. Coach, an opening statement.

COACH MOORE: Proud of the way we hung in there. Obviously very frustrated with the first quarter. We gave up 24 points. And then very proud the second and the third period, did just a great job defensively. And in the fourth period again we gave up a few too many points.

A lot of those came off of turnovers in the fourth period. We've got to do a better job taking care of the ball in those innovations.

Really proud of this group. It's always tough when you've sat around for a couple of days, the other team's played a game. I think they have an advantage, especially in the first period. And I thought our kids bounced back, kept their confidence, and just did a great job. So they've done it all year long. And it was good for us to get off to a good start tonight and get to play another day.


Q. DD, for you, obviously the final game of the season for you on senior night, you finished with over 20 points and 14 rebounds in that game. You go into this one, how much confidence did you have in yourself after having that kind of performance that you could do it again with another double-double tonight?
DD ROGERS: Yeah, I definitely came off that game feeling very confident in myself and in my team in general. I played off of them knowing they'll be there to play off me as well. Just take it one step at a time. I definitely felt good about this game coming into it.

Q. What adjustments, if any, did you make from the first time you played Florida State to tonight?
COACH MOORE: Well, we tried to play pick on the ball a little bit different. Down there, we were probably too passive with our defense and allowed them to get some open 3s. And down there I probably should have adjusted better in the second half. And tonight we did take a little bit different approach.

And I thought our players did a great job executing it for the most part. I know we gave up a couple of 3s there late in the game that was a little disappointing when we were really in a no-3 situation. But for the most part, definitely in the second and third quarters anyway, did a pretty nice job. So I think that was a big factor.

Down there, again, it was tough, too, we lost Erika Cassell and it was tough on the team emotionally and tonight was different from that standpoint.

Q. Elissa, you came out for the opening tip with a big smile on your face, and that's kind of the last emotion I expected. Did you battle any nerves at all?
ELISSA CUNANE: Yes, I was nervous before the game but as soon as I stepped on the court those just disappeared and it's just playing the game of basketball like I do every single day.

Q. Kiara Leslie only had four points in the first half. How were you able to pick up where she left off with her production?
AISLINN KONIG: She's a really great player and a lot of times she leads us in scoring and does a lot of great things. I think we moved the ball well and we're finding open shots and definitely feeding off the fact that Elissa was scoring in the paint a lot.

And then DD was able to get some good points too. So I think we were able to move the ball and find the people who were scoring. And Ki was able to pick it up on defense and really help us there and keep us in the game.

COACH MOORE: Ki was struggling with some stomach pain, too. That's why she came out for a little bit there in the first half. And so I know she struggled with that most of the night. But I think she'll be okay for tomorrow.

Q. Elissa, you get to come back here close to home and have such a good game in your first ACC Tournament play. What's that feeling like to be able to show out like that here?
ELISSA CUNANE: It's very special for me to play in front of my friends and family, and what this team is doing is special. It means a lot to me and I'm excited to see where we go.

Q. A lot of players played over -- five players played over 34 minutes tonight. For the players, how do your legs feel? And, Coach, can you keep this up for two more days to win the championship?
COACH MOORE: From my standpoint, it's one game at a time. So our main goal was to win this game tonight. And then obviously tomorrow our goal will be to try to win that game and we're not really worried about Sunday yet. We've got to take them one at a time.

And obviously every team at this point in this tournament is really, really good, including Florida State tonight. So I don't know if you guys want to add to that.

ELISSA CUNANE: My legs feel great. I'm excited.

Q. Ais, you hit that 3 in the second half that kind of kick-started a big run. And then after Florida State hit a 3 you had that and-one. So two big timely plays. How big was that for you guys to be able to halt their runs and go on runs of your own with your big shots?
AISLINN KONIG: I think our team as a whole does a really good job of finding the open player and being able to create energy. So Ki was able to pick up that rebound and throw it down. And that energy really I think, the whole team was able to feed off of it but also that wouldn't have been anything -- that and-one wouldn't have been as exciting as it was if my teammates hadn't been there and reacted the way they did and celebrated with me.

Q. Wes, I'm guessing a big part of your game plan was to go to Elissa on the low block there. But where in the plan was it called for her to drift out and take that 3-pointer there with the game on the line?
COACH MOORE: We're comfortable with Elissa taking the 3. Obviously we like her on the block. And probably second half I probably did a poor job of getting her touches.

We had a hard time running our stuff in the second half. I thought Florida State got in the passing lanes and pressured us some and at times we were a little disconboluated -- if I said that right.

AISLINN KONIG: Discombobulated.

COACH MOORE: You got my point. I thought, again, we should have got the ball more, probably should have got DD the ball more because they were playing really well tonight. And I felt the matchups were good in there for them.

Q. Elissa, you had a couple big games down the stretch against good teams, twice against Florida State, that Notre Dame game. Is there something about those opponents that brings something out of you?
ELISSA CUNANE: I just think during those games I've had the opportunity to step up and my teammates have done a great job finding me. It means a lot to me to be able to impact my team.


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