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March 8, 2019

Terri Williams-Flournoy

Janiah McKay

Unique Thompson

Nashville, Tennessee

Texas A&M-64, Auburn-62

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by Auburn. Coach, if you could make an opening statement.

TERRI WILLIAMS-FLOURNOY: Definitely a winnable game. We turned them over 26 times. Their offense was the problem. We didn't score enough points off of those turnovers. The offense in the second half was bad.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the student-athletes.

Q. Unique, you struggled a little bit in the first half, but were able to get some rebounds, get some layups. What was the difference for you in the second half?
UNIQUE THOMPSON: Well, in the first half, I wasn't necessarily struggling, they knew where I was. They had enough people boxing me out.

In the second half they got a little lax. I was able to find holes, go up for the rebounds, go up strong with them.

Q. Janiah, 17 points, I know you had your battles with Texas A&M, what did this game come down to for you?
JANIAH McKAY: For me personally, it was having better control, put my teammates in better positions. Like coach said, second half offensively we were a little slow, we weren't moving the ball as well. You got to be able to score points to beat a team like Texas A&M.

Q. Janiah, as a senior, what case can you make for Auburn to be in the NCAA tournament?
JANIAH McKAY: I mean, we worked extremely hard. I feel like our record speaks for itself. We beat good teams. I think we worked hard enough to deserve a chance to be in the NCAA tournament. We play in the toughest league. It's a battle night in, night out. I feel like from us, you're going to get a fight for 40 minutes. I think that's the biggest thing on why we deserve to go to the NCAA tournament.

Q. Unique, same question?
UNIQUE THOMPSON: I think it's more about showing us what we're actually capable of. We haven't had a game all season where we've played 40 minutes collectively. The beginning of the season, we showed in non-conference we could have multiple people that could score in double-digits. We shied away from that.

It was more about finding our connections, what we're capable of doing, showing everybody why Auburn should be in the tournament, how we play actual Auburn basketball.

THE MODERATOR: Ladies, thank you. We'll continue with questions for coach.

Q. Your case for Auburn being in the NCAA tournament?
TERRI WILLIAMS-FLOURNOY: I mean, our record is 22-9. We played very good teams. We've had a few wins, quality wins. There's really no reason why we should not be in the NCAA tournament. We're definitely one of those teams that should be one of the 64.

Q. What was Texas A&M able to do in the halfcourt offense that caused so much problems late in the game?
TERRI WILLIAMS-FLOURNOY: I think a lot of it was 11. She was able to drive and hit some shots. Few offensive rebounds that hurt us down at the end. That's pretty much it.



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