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March 8, 2019

Dawn Staley

Greenville, South Carolina

Arkansas-95, South Carolina-89

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by South Carolina. We would like to open it up for questions for coach.

Q. The high ball screen, especially from Dungee, seemed to be giving you problems. What was the thing causing all the breakdown there?
DAWN STALEY: She was direct line driving. It was hard to bring help. You kind of just picked your poison, whether you wanted her to two us or them three us. We took what we thought was the lesser of the evil in the two.

Q. They weren't a great three-point shooting team coming in. Was it their night? Did they find something in your defense?
DAWN STALEY: I mean, they were pretty accurate. They shoot a lot more. Probably got a lot more downhill drives against us. That's the way it was.

Q. If you can, talk a little bit about Dungee, what you've seen out of her these two games.
DAWN STALEY: She's a good player.

Q. The SEC success comes to an end. How do you regroup? What is the message to this team?
DAWN STALEY: The message to this team and everybody is it's a little South Carolina fatigue. We'll be back. We'll be back. We'll be back. We'll be back to Greenville, South Carolina. Hopefully we won't end our tournament prematurely.

Q. Do you think this affects your placement in Charlotte in any way? Do you think you've done enough to have a home regional?
DAWN STALEY: I can only control the controllables. That is out of my pay grade, out of my league. The only thing we can do is show up and play the games. Show up, shut up, play the games. That's the way we'll approach it.


DAWN STALEY: Thank you.

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