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March 8, 2019

Henrik Stenson

Orlando, Florida

Q. The old saying is what a difference a day makes and certainly today was much better than yesterday. 6-under, no bogeys, a great round of golf. Your thoughts on how you played.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, it's an improvement of 11 shots, a couple of hockey sticks yesterday and a 66 today. That was a nice turn around. Yeah, I played solid today, hit a lot of good shots and got the putter going and made three birdies early and a great par save after being in the hazard on the 4th. So really key to get something going early. And then a couple of the tougher holes out there I managed to make par on those ones and then make a couple of birdies coming home. So, yeah, pleased with that.

Q. Was there anything you worked on after the round yesterday, did you just come back with a better attitude or did you find something on the range early?
HENRIK STENSON: I wish it was only the attitude. No I had to go and spend a couple hours with Pete Cowan my coach yesterday and it seemed like I was hitting it good yesterday, didn't quite feel like I was in the same groove this morning in the warm-up and, yeah, I still have to fight a little bit out there. But it was certainly in a better way and, yeah, I hope I can carry on some momentum here because we got a lot of big events coming up.

Q. Your thoughts, you've been very successful on this golf course, your last six times here, five top-10s, you've done everything but win here. You obviously have a comfort level on this golf course. Has this been the quickest greens you've been on, because they look really speedy?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, they are speedy. When you're above the hole and you got down hill putts and down grain on the Bermuda, they get very speedy and I think in the afternoon they dry out a little bit and get a little crusty and it's hard for us to judge sometimes here, you're so used to pitching the number, pitching the ball on the number and by the pin and some of them release quite a lot and others don't, so it's a little bit of a tricky one and I guess I just got it right most of the time today.

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